General Information

  • Full name: Yimyeta
  • Pronounciation: [Yim-yeh-tah]
  • Aliases: Yeta and Step
  • Gender: Female
  • Real Age: N/A (She looks quite old)
  • Current Residence: Yimyeta now lives in the now late Rett the Blunt's laboratory north of Rata Sum.
  • Alignment: ? ? ? 
  • Blood Type: AB-
  • Preferred Hand: Ambidexterous
  • Martial Status: Taken


  • Eye Color: One eye is violet, the other is missing and the hole is usually covered up by a metal optic.
  • Hair Color: Silver from age.
  • Build: A lissome setting, small but built.
  • Height: 3'7 feet

Education and Career



  • College: Dynamics [Graduating year: 12XX]
  • College Major(s): Electrical Engineering
  • College Minor(s): Golemancy and Alchemical Brewing

Organizations and Affiliations (Past and Present): 


  • ???: ???. 12XX - 12XX. [???]
  • Durmand Priory: 1268 - 1271. Archivist assistant and Explorer. [Later Released]
  • Golemagical Applications: 1326 - 1328. Krewe Viceroy. Security. [Currently on hiatus]
  • Black Lion Trading Company - Bloodtide Division: 1326 - 1326. Security guard. [Shutdown]
  • Fox and Wolf Security Company: 1327 - 1327. Second-in-Command Security. [Shutdown]
  • Applied Security Personnel: Security guard. 1327 - 1327. [Shutdown]

Current Occupation(s):

  • Cobalt Coalition: 1327 - 1328. Combat instructor/Second-in-Command
  • Hyper-Chaotic Security: 1328 - 1328. Head of Combat Division/Instructor


  • Childhood: Given how long ago this was for Yimyeta, the only signifigant point in her childhood she can recall was the loss of her parents to bandits while they were traveling. After this event, the young Yimyeta set off for the nearest village to take her chances with living on her own as opposed to be thrown in a Province Orphanage. Instead she found herself picked up by an Iron Legion Primus and taken to the Citadel for most of her childhood. She picked up a few fighting techniques and began showing interest in combat.
  • Adolescence: N/A
  • College Years: College was not exactly a note-worthy time for Yimyeta. After being dropped off in Rata Sum by her Primus, she kept her head low and went on with her studies, graduating with passing grades. In the meantime, she began to explore the combat techniques she had been taught in more detail, developing her own variations between semesters. She was known to win almost all the fights she picked (or didn't) and was usually avoided by peers for her unusually physical nature.
  • Post-College: After graduation, Yimyeta began to put her skills to use by joining the Durmand Priory. Here, moving up in the ranks from an assistant to an explorer, she found her love for travel and trail-blazing just as her parents did. After being in the Priory for about two and a half years, Yimyeta was eventually released upon request from the Priory and later dissapeared.
  • Adulthood: There is not much that can be said after she left the Priory. Following a long trek to Orr, Yimyeta completely dropped off the map. It wasn't until a Pact scouting party located her unconscious many years later that she was shipped back to Lion's Arch for treatment and was considered back on file.


M.A.W [Mechanically. Armored. War-machine.]:

  • A monolith of a golem Yimyeta constructed during her years in college, the MAW wasn't designed to be smart or have any ground breaking technology. It was simply designed to hold a sturdy defense and give a slow but effective offensive advantage to those in possession of it. It stands a head taller than the Omega (WvW) golems and is powered by four individual power cores of her design. The cores were made to be as independent from magic as physically possible, but there are no files on how Yimyeta created these.
  • After the golem uprising, it vanished, Yimyeta having stored it somewhere and left it to wait for her recovery. As of now, Yimyeta has finally gotten around to recovering the golem and repaired the damage time has done to wear on the massive thing. She uses it as additional security for her lab and occasionally takes it out on treks out west to provide assistance for the Pact.


  • Yimyeta has been renowned for her extensive knowledge on hand-to-hand and close combat techniques, even up against magic users, despite her having zero magical potential and her old age.
  • She is considered stubborn beyond belief, selfless to a fault, but dangerous.
  • It is becoming more common knowledge that Yimyeta has a terrible drinking problem.


Family: All noted blood family has been reported deceased.

Friends [Asura]:

  • Borril: Allies with her krewe, friend, as well as a father to be. Borril and Yimyeta actually have a bit of history together, meeting through Borril's expecting wife, Ida. While Golemagical and Kipptech are presently working together, she finds Borril to be a good buisness man although perhaps an average Asura. Having a soft spot for young parents and children, Yimyeta became more protective over Borril, but has otherwise left him to his buisness.
  • Ooja [Out of Contact]Although starting out as a rather flirty krewemate, Yimyeta eventually found a bit of amusment in the occasional compliment or flicking of her ear. She began to form a more solid allience and eventually friendship as time went on. At one point, Ooja played as a rather vital support for Yimyeta during times of heavy loss and the old Asura hopes to pay her back for her aid one day.
  • Spokko: Yimyeta's employer in Golemagical. She finds a heavy respect for Spokko and his goals for the krewe. Although friendship may not be the word for their relationship, the two get along and otherwise can be considered more then just allies. Although she isn't sure about the returned feelings, Yimyeta feels she could trust Spokko with her life.
  • Rett the Rough/Rett the Blunt [Deceased]Having met him on a mission to Orr before she was employed by Frenfrik, the two didn't get along at first. They bickered and had differences that made conversation difficult. But as they found each other stumbling into one another more and more, they began to set aside those differences and even started to enjoy their company with one another. After a while of visiting each other for basic talks, they upgraded to a relationship. However, as time passed and Rett became more distant, Yimyeta felt too strange speaking out about it until the last she saw him was in his grave, having died of  a heart attack.
  • Frenfrik [Deceased]Her former employer during her times with the Black Lion Trading Company, she found a respect and wonder for him that soon evolved into deeper more invested feelings. Although she knew he would never return these feelings, she remained a loyal and dedicated employee to him as well as a friend up until his death.
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Friends [Other Races]:

  • Kiba Tyrantfire [Out of Contact]: One of the first few friends made upon Yimyeta's return from Orr, the two used to be seen pacing the metal streets of the Citadel. Although the two haven't been in as much contact since Yimyeta and Frenfrik assisted in birthing her cub Bathea, she still considers them close friends.
  • Ceridwen Bladesong [Deceased]A young ambitious charr having made friends with Yimyeta after a few short brawls, the old Asura found her first hints of friendship in this gladium. Eventually finding work with a mercenary group though, the two eventualy parted ways.
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Other Information