Name: Vexiph ("Vexx" for Short)

Age: 19

Race: Asura

Sex: Female

Eyes: Grey

Hair: Pale

Birthplace: Metrica, Maguuma

College,Major,Minor: Dynamics, Applied Electrics, Polymatteric Synthesis

Profession: Ranger

Career: Peacemaker (Cadet)



Vexiph was born and raised in the jungles of Maguuma. During much of her childhood, Vexiph spent her time learning at a young age in one of the Metrican labs. Her achievements were often modest and were even more-so when compared to the achievements of her older brother Gexx. Despite their close relationship as siblings, Vexiph developed a deep feeling of inferiority through their compared achievements before their parents and peers.

On a routine excursion through the jungles with other students, Vexiph found herself lost in the thick foliage of Maguuma and happened upon an infant jaguar. After some trepidation, Vexiph soon found herself sharing her meal and even befriending the beast. Their "friendship" did not last long before she left the feline and returned to her group. From then on though, Vexiph started to bring various animals from the jungle home to her family for them to see. Although this was not always received in a friendly manner (and the animals she brought back were rather harmless unlike the former jaguar), she kept doing so much to the amusement of whoever would happen to watch.


Vexiph's college years were atypical of a usual Asura. While she excelled in her first courses, she struggled with her later courses and had a tough time achieving much during her time as a student. She was a Dynamics student and spent most of her time studying with close friends in Metrica. A key component of what drove her to finish her studies was that said feeling of inferiority that followed her from her childhood and into adulthood. By now, Vexiph aimed to attain the praise of others through her achievements, and this encouraged her to finish her studies.

While studying with Dynamics, Vexiph constructed her first successful prototype of an invention alone. Her invention did come late, but she was proud of her arrow bolts that were infused with elemental electricity. While nothing else came of her project, she was motivated further to stay with her choice of Dynamics.


While not entirely enigmatic, Vexiph's emotions can range from one to another in quick succession. If surrounded by close friends, these swings can be much more noticeable and rapid.

When a responsibility of any sort shows itself to her, she often puts a lot of her effort into trying to impress anyone who may notice with humble actions. This includes her duties as a Peacemaker of Rata Sum, but also includes much of her past time spent as a student and even krewe-member in various organizations. This stems from a feeling of inferiority that sometimes follows her.













Gexx: Brother, Former Krewe Leader


Avael: Peacemaker Administrator

Belii: Former Krewe Leader

Edda: Friend

Geera: Former Instructor

Kasho Whiptail: Friend

Keazah: Friend, Fellow Peacemaker

Lily: Friend, Fellow Peacemaker

Ruufle: Friend

Tokkin: Friend, Fellow Peacemaker

Zivvet: Supplement, Fellow Peacemaker