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Ulgga was born on day 88 of the Colussus.  She was born to Fikk and Mabbi, two asura who were fairly average krewe members, with no outstanding achievements to their names.  They had met in the College of Dynamics where they did dangerous experiment after dangerous experiment.  They are a story for another time.

Ulgga grew up watching her parents experiment and learning from them.  During her early years she found their work for their krewe to be fascinating, but as she grew older she discovered she yearned for more order in her life.  When she came of age she decided to pursue and education through the College of Statics, and though her parents were disappointed at first, they slowly accepted it.

Shortly after her graduation, her parents' krewe tasked her parents with a particularly dangerous experiment.  Let's just say that there wasn't much left of them after the rubble was sorted.   It wasn't a good time for Ulgga.  Though they had different views on research and education, she'd been quite fond of her parents.  She couldn't find it in herself to join a krewe during her mourning, finding herself less and less keen on the company of others.  After secluding herself for a number of weeks she decided to take her research to the road.

Leaving Rata Sum was good for her.  Though her hair would get caught on branches and she didn't have the luxury of a lab, she was quite happy.  It was during this time and after quite a bit of travel she stumbled into a devourer nest.  It was unfortunate, really, having to kill all those marvelous beasts, but she had to save her own hide.  Upon climbing out of the nest she looked down, only to see a lone egg.  Feeling bad for destroying its' only chance of survival she took the egg with her, and out of that egg hatched her first assistant, Baron Von Truffles.

She trained Baron Von Truffles to be the best a devourer could be.  He was even pretty smart...for a bug.  Inspired by her success with her lead assistant she set out to train more and more animals.  Her theory being that they are superior to golems in every way.  They recover on their own, they can be trained to respond to the same commands, they're hyper-loyal, and some of them will keep you warm at night.  Currently Ulgga is training her newest assistant, an eagle named Admiral Ruffles and can be found really anywhere animals are.

Ulggas' Assistants

Baron Von Truffles - Lashtail Devourer

Baron Von Truffles is a particularly large devourer, probably because Ulgga feeds him too much.  He responds to basic vocabulary and commands, and has a general knowledge of tools (as in what tools to bring when Ulgga asks for them).  He can transport heavy items, including his master, and is sufficient in combat.  His favorite treat is rabbit.

Princess Snuggles - Murellow

- Princess Snuggles has been describes as terrifying, hideous, and repulsive.  She is Ulggas' go-to assistant for unknown situations.  Her tough hide makes her ideal for combat, and her resistance to poisons and other unsavory things makes her a good choice for the unknown.  She is definitely not one of the smarter assistants, but she is loyal and can obey commands.  Her favorite treat is veal.

Sir Pawsworth - Black Bear

- Sir Pawsworth is Ulggas' choice for long journeys.  He has superior strength, giving him the capability to carry her and all of her supplies without tiring.  He even sniffs out berries for her to eat.  He is very smart for a bear, in the sense of knowing where to step.  He's currently going through vocabulary training since Ulgga believes he has a great intellect (for a bear) that needs to be tapped into.  His favorite treats are blackberries.

Dutchess - Lynx

- Dutchess has the fiercest attacks of all of Ulggas' assistants.  She is ideal for hostile situations, not that Ulgga gets into that many of those.  After a year Ulgga has given up on the higher training that she gives to her other assistants, coming to accept the fact that Dutchess isn't the brightest crayon in the box.  Her favorite treat is quaggan (which is frowned upon).

Admiral Ruffles - Eagle

- Admiral Ruffles is the most unruly assistant that Ulgga has.  Well, he's really an assistant-in-training, but that is no excuse.  He moves without being commanded to, ignores commands, and basically does whatever he wants.  The sad thing is, he's one of if not her smartest assistant.  He just can't follow orders.  He is the one that will most often be seen with her.  His favorite treat is fish.

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