Twekka, in her favorite state.



  • EyesLarge, yellow and fiery. The smaller the pupils are, the crazier she's being.
  • Hair: Long, blue-black. Usually kept tied back in a stern braid. The only ornamentation she keeps is two beaded braids on either side of her head, looping her ears.
  • Height: 3'6"
  • Weight: 67 lbs. (110lbs in full armor)
  • Ears: Medium length, spaded and almost always curled back. 
  • Skin color: Dark chocolate with beige speckling pattern all over.



" I believe I just had a near-death experience." --Chydder


Twekka was born to a somewhat eclectic mother and one of her mother's random male 'donors'. She grew up in solely in her mother's care, developing a healthy interest in Genetics due to her influence. Statics seemed to be the best place for her study. She happily applied the lessons taught, until an accident proved too costly. She quickly found herself placed into the Peacemaker's Academy. Twekka was soon removed for an extremely volatile nature.

Now, Twekka works as the Arcane Council's assassin/bodyguard for hire, sent whereever and to guard whomever they deem necessary to be watched. She is currently Partisan to Ninnko.


  • Ninnko: Twekka's charge and biggest headache. An eclectic sort of Asura, Ninnko and Twekka's differing levels of insanity met and slowly grew into a quiet friendship over time. She is nearly always by his side, ready to defend or go on the offensive in their latest adventure.
  • Chydder: The Asura that started it all. He is the first Asura Twekka considered a friend, and meeting this neurotic little ball of greed and noodles lead to Twekka realizing that she could, indeed, make friends.
  • Iomirr: Chydder's campaign secretary and Twekka's 'love'. Usually just a benign visitor to the Chydder crowd, Twekka and Iomirr discovered a commonality too great for them to ignore, and it sparked a romantic relationship.
  • Seletii: Chydder's girlfriend. Perky, red-headed and rambunctious, Seletii was once a constant annoyance to Twekka. Neither of them know what happened, but they're moderate friends now.
  • Kildair: Chydder's moneygrubbing sylvari companion. Twekka stole his corn.
  • Taiqela: A stubborn and high-maitenance Asuran spy. She and Twekka have swapped blows so often that any friendship seems irrepairable.
  • Madromm: Twekka's power hungry, insane uncle. Rumored to be well over 400 years old by his students in Statics, Madromm is currently on a bender to kill/maim Chydder and Seletii
  • Tarin Wade: The only human worth Twekka's time. He considers himself a father figure to Twekka, and babies her whenever he gets the chance. She allows this, despite being well over a decade older than he is.