Basic Information

Previous/Current name/: Trixx "Hofferson" Virtuoso, Trixxie "Hofferson" Virtuoso. 

Gender: Previously male, currently female. 

Profession: Mesmer

Birth date: 77 Season of the Pheonix 1300 AE (Aged 27)

Place of Residence: Formerly Lions Arch, currently residing in Hoelbrak until a time where she may set up shop in Lions Arch again. 

Past/Current Occupations: Originally worked at a harpist for the Virtuoso group for several years, after the incident, he sought work as a crystallographer, up until the incident which caused his transition into a female. Since then, she has accumulated a great wealth through trading and crafting in the fields of metalwork and tapestry. She has been known on one occasion to work in college giving a lecture on converting light into matter through the exploitation of hohlraums. 

Appearance and Personality

Trixxie's height is above average for an asura, often towering over her friends and colleagues, coupled with an athletic build for one of her stature. Her cream skin is littered with dark grey spots throughout, more prominent on her ears, nose, and cheeks. Her pupils are black, whilst the iris is white in colour. Facial features include a pink nose, for which she is often the subject of ridicule, as well as a full bottom lip. Her ears are quite voluptuous and tend to get in the way at times. Her natural hair colour is a dirty blonde, but she has been seen on occasion to dye it black, mint, or grey. Her right eye was damaged beyond repair during the invasion of Lions Arch, which led to her working with a fellow asura, Xam, to design and create her a magitech implant to suit her needs. The lens she wears is made from sapphire, and acts as a scope with high magnification capabilities, it's also been hinted that she has plans to integrate a hud element often found inside of 7-Series Attack Golems to further aid her abilities. Since her replacement eye, she's not needed glasses, but continues to wear them out of sentimentality.

Trixxie often comes off as a rather bossy individual, being from a business environment. Outside of work, she tends to keep up a appearances, though, she is more relaxed. Despite her seemingly cool and relaxed personality, there are certain instances where she can be made to break into an enthusiastic and neurotic state of mind; These instances are few and far, and are only peaked by a few things, namely, a good amount of coin, or an interesting situation. One of the key things that she is noted for is her snide, critical attitude, and the ability to read people with seeming ease. She is often seen with a book in hand, more interested in creating a fictional world than the one that she is currently in. Despite being somewhat unbearable from a business standpoint, she has a deeply caring side, often shown when in the company of her adopted daughters, Naavi and Noelle. 



As a boy, Trixx, as he was previously named, he was often left in the hands of a family of norn for months at a time, his guardian tending to business, trading in the Hoelrak. Due to this, over time, his interests extended to metal-work, tapestry, and other crafts of the hand. Self taught from the resources at hand, he became skilled in crafting musical instruments from what he found, given he was of young age, weapons weren't viewed as an age appropriate craft for a pipsqueak like him. 

Adulthood (Part One: Virtuoso):

In Adulthood, Trixx (As he was formerly known) was an accomplished musician, a part of the Virtuoso Krewe, a band of asuran dedicated to the arts. Unfortunately during their travels the band fell into a path alongside a risen horde. Trixxie escaped with some minor injuries, the only thing having saved him was being able to shield himself with the case of one of the other members chello. By the time he was able to compose himself his krewe member has already been converted into risen disciples, at which he found himself at the mercy of before cloaking himself long enough to run away. 

During the time after the attack, Trixx fell into an emotional slump, often working with various krewe's in order to keep him going by. During one of these jobs, he was asked by a colleague if he would test a hormone supplement (In this case, I like to think of it as a Consortium equivalent/prototype to the Total Makeover Kit)  which resulted in him falling into a comatose state for a few days, upon waking up, he'd turned into a female. Unbeknownst to him, the changes were permanent, which meant one rather riled ma-Woman. 

Adulthood (Part Two: Trixxie):

Given a few weeks of attempts to return to his normal body, he caved in and simply accepted his fate as part of the job. Despite his opinion of it, her new outwardly good appearance did make striking contracts with potential clients. Upon realisation of this fact, she exploited it to her best ability, soon climbing the ladder in terms of trading to the point of owning a few businesses herself. Of them, her most well established trades involved her tapestry and metalwork, often taking commissioned work to add atop her list of achievements, should the request pique her interested enough.