Basic Information

Name: Tokksa
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Race: Asura

College: Statics

Gender: Female

Profession:  Necromancer, researcher, archivist, and information extraction specialist working with the Tactical Excergonics Krewe

Mastery level of skill sets: Extremely proficient

Weapons of choice and tools of her trade: Scepter and focus, portable database, extraction/containment unit for acquiring   samples, and a disposable minion... or two

Age: Seems to be in her late thirties, or possibly early fourties.  She never says for certain and she has an odd, sort of ageless quality to her.
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Before her hair loss.

Skin and markings: Her skin is a deep chocolate color, almost black.  Pale, nearly bone-white markings can be seen in distinct stripes over the top and back of her head. 

Hair:  In her earlier years she was seen with neatly groomed hair of a deep red hue.  Her personal methods of experimentation and research into necromancy caused her hair to begin falling out, and she eventually shaved it all off.

Eyes: A luminous blood red; occasionally seem to glow slightly.

Ears: They are rather on the small side, neatly curving downward on either side of her head. When she is on the alert, they curve upward into horn-like shapes.

Stature:  She is very petite, only about a head taller than the average progeny. 

Relations: None


Known History:
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Tokksa's childhood could be described as a happy, if relatively uneventful, one.  Her parents were both accomplished golemancers, and for a time it seemed as though Tokksa would follow in their footsteps.  All that changed the day her parental units suffered a rather ignominious death when the bridge they were crossing malfunctioned.

Tokksa was preparing to apply to her chosen college at the time.  Rather than apply to Synergetics as she had planned, she abruptly switched to the College of Statics, from which she graduated with honors.

She promptly fell in with a good-natured, hard-working krewe and spent her early career on various architectural projects. She got along well with her associates and her designs--particularly her bridge designs--were well-received.  She also spent some time among the Durmond Priory.  The Priory is one of the only organizations with whom she would maintain a working relationship in her later years.

Just when her career really seemed to be taking off, one of the infrastructure projects her krewe was working on suffered a catastrophic collapse.  Tokksa immediately resigned her position and ceased all work on her designs.  It is difficult now, if not impossible, to find any information linking her to that failure.  In fact, it takes a good bit of digging to even link her to that particular krewe.  Nothing more would be heard of or from her for several years.

Eventually, Tokksa re-emerged as a talented researcher and archivist, noted especially for her patented organizational and categorical algorithms.  Rumors about her began to circulate, most of them not flattering. The most wide-spread of these was that she had been working for the Inquest during her time out of the public eye.  Careful questioning of the right people would also reveal a rather unsettling pattern of seemingly unconnected people who all owe Tokksa a 'favor' of some kind.  To the discerning and clever individual, this pattern would speak of a rather intricately constructed information network, though most would probably not make that connection.

Her skills led to her being approached by a few agents of TEK and, although initially wary, she ended up joining them.  The reasons for her decision are not yet entirely clear, though it is obvious that she remains generally distrustful and distant with most of the other members.

Unspoken History:

While working with her original krewe, she got along particularly well with a charming asura named Brantt.  They became lab partners, and what began as a meeting of the minds eventually developed into romance.  Since they disliked both muss and fuss, they kept quiet their decision to wed, eloped over the weekend, and returned to work as usual.

Brantt was highly encouraging of Tokksa's ingenuity and one of her staunchest supporters whenever she presented her new designs for approval.  The last project they worked on together was her design for a housing unit, which simultaneously reduced the amount of materials needed while greatly increasing structural integrity.

Construction commenced, and for a time all seemed to be progressing as it should.  Then, one afternoon, the unthinkable happened.  The nearly completed housing unit collapsed, trapping several krewemates--including Brantt--inside.  Though they were able to rescue most of them, by the time they located Brantt he was barely breathing.

Tokksa had recently come into contact with a younger, and very enthusiastic, asura named Vizzi who had developed a working prototype of a device that would scan and record every detail of an object.  If the object was a sentient being, it could also record and capture the individual's memories and personality patterns.  Tokksa had been debating becoming a financial backer for Vizzi's project, and Vizzi had left one of the devices with Tokksa for further examination.

With shaking hands now, Tokksa quickly calibrated the device and began scanning her partner.  "Just a little longer..." she murmured, struggling to keep any semblance of control.  "Don't leave me yet, Brantt... please..."

A tiny smile flickered across her face as she felt Brantt's hand faintly squeeze her own.  Only after she felt him slip away from her did she allow herself to cry. She refused to let anyone touch the body, nor did she answer any questions of what she planned to do with it.

Tokksa maintained that her design for the housing unit was a sound one.  It should not have failed.  Therefore, the only logical explanation was sabotage.  As this design was to be a crowning achievement in her career, the only reason Tokksa could fathom for such sabotage was that someone sought to discredit her before stealing her designs for themselves.  Her requests for further investigation were continually denied.  

She grew increasingly distrustful of everyone around her and became a near recluse.  She resigned from her krewe and instead became obsessed with reanimating the dead.  She was not satisfied with mere reanimation though... she wanted to bring true life back to the dead.  Her continued delving into the topics of necromancy, golemancy, and interfaces that would bridge the two garnered the attention of the Inquest.  She still was too distrustful of any outside interferance at this point, however, and so she continually refused to join them.  It is not unusual for her to attempt hacking into various Inquest databases in order to peruse their latest information on her chosen topics.