"I haven't had a bitchier ( ... ) sassier ( ... ) more annoying boss than Tikki."


"Whatever you do, never, ever sign anything Tikki hands you." [1]

Evil [------+---] Good
Chaotic [-+--------] Lawful

Basic Information

"That's Tikki. She's a bit of a runt, but she'll grow on you." [2]
  • Full name: Tikki
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 20 [3]
  • College: Dynamics (Double-degree: Inter-planar Physics, Crystal Programming/Artificing)
  • Occupation: Currently Unemployed (Previously a Gate Technician)
  • Birthplace: Rata Sum
  • Family: Mikka (Mother), Rakk (Father), Tokk (Older Brother), Vanyya (Honorary older sis!)

Education and Skills

"My sister's smart. Nowhere near myself, of course, but she knows her way around a control crystal better than most asura I know." [4]

Tikki is a rather accomplished young asura -- seen by many of her tutors to have a quick mind and high capacity for understanding complex mathematical and spatial concepts. Because of this, her interests have always lied in the realm of the numerical, and as a progeny, she had taught herself to examine and manipulate the functions of consumer control crystals. Essentially, the primary talent of this asura is her aptitude for programming.

For her higher education, Tikki enrolled in the College of Dynamics, pursuing two degrees: Inter-planar Physics, and Crystal Programming/Artificing. She graduated with outstanding results, though one of her two dissertations were seen by all, save one, of her professors to be... Morally questionable.

Aside from education, Tikki is an experienced and skilled Polymock player, and is known by her friends (the little she has, that is) to be an incredible chef. She can be considered to be an avid fashionista, and an amateur tinkerer, as well (though don't let her ego fool you -- she is not 'the best golemancer').


"Give her a chance ( ... ) I think it speaks volumes that she decided what she was doing was wrong. The fact that she managed to escape her previous employers also tells us that she was willing to die to correct her mistakes. I say we hire her." [5]

Tikki was a lonely child. She was the younger sister to a well-loved brother -- a well-loved brother who was, incidentally, much smarter and talented than her. With Peacemaker parents, Tikki never really had her father or mother around, which only added to the little progeny's loneliness. Because of this, Tikki resorted to busywork and escapism to keep herself occupied -- she long knew that she was far too anxious, abrasive, and impulsive to make any friends; and she truthfully lost herself in the piles and piles of books she read. It was also around this time that she picked up her Polymock hobby.

Eventually, the loneliness was a bit too much for Tikki. All those days where she sat, huddled in front of a glowing data-screen, with nothing but her studies available to her made her realise that while she couldn't make friends... She could try to make a friend.

And so, with spare and reformatted data-crystals, Tikki constructed her first Golem Logic Core -- a rudimentary golem intelligence that answered her speech -- giving her words of encouragement and comfort to anything she said. As pathetic as it was, she had succeeded -- she had created a friend: W-X2, Wripper-wrapper.

As Tikki grew older, she made it her absolute duty to try and undermine, or trump her brother at everything possible, and she made it her mission to antagonise him at every turn. He'd construct a small golemite. She'd construct a bigger one. He'd apply for tuition at the College of Statics. She'd go to Dynamics.

She hated him, as irrational as that may have been, and it was because of this hatred that for all of her years in college, she never spoke a word to her brother.

In college, Tikki continued to improve and modify Wripper-wrapper in her spare time, using it as a testing ground for new concepts she learned in her lectures. Understandably, she ended up having a very firm grasp on what she had learned, and she continued to push herself.

Her final dissertation for her Artificing degree studied the possibilities of creating fully sentient golem intelligences -- something which caught the eye of one of her professors: Pakk, an Inquest sympathiser.

Pakk approached Tikki upon her graduation, offering her immediate employment in an Inquest krewe, where she would proceed on experimentation and construction of a fully artificial intelligence. Young, enthusiastic, and short-sighted, Tikki accepted, spending a year with Inquest Research Unit Zhed, where she performed all sorts of experiments on sentience that'd make the least ethical of asura shudder in disgust.

It wasn't long until her brother heard of what she was doing -- and Tikki was soon approached by a begging Tokk to abandon her research, and the Inquest. Though she wasn't swayed at first, Tokk's actions had slapped the girl with the heavy hand of reality. Her life wasn't a contest -- it wasn't a game where she had to do everything to win. Those thoughts stuck with her, grinding away at her resolve to accomplish, no matter the cost -- and painfully, bit by bit, she thought back on the creatures she vivisected, the people she nonchalantly experimented on in the secrecy of her krewe's lab. Gradually, her resolve slipped away, as did a little bit of her sanity.

A year of her research and work was destroyed. Tikki had personally saw to it, smashing and demolishing everything she had ever created under the direction of Pakk, before fleeing for Rata Sum to seek refuge from her brother.

With Pakk on her heels, the siblings knew that Tikki couldn't stay, and Tikki, being the drama-llama that she is, attempted to end her own life. Once again, Tokk saved the day, talking his little sister out of it, before pointing her to the direction of Lion's Arch. If she were to flee anywhere, it would be there -- where she could find bookahs who cared nothing about her abrasive nature -- but only her coin.

And so she fled, seeking the protection of the Ironclaw Company.

OOC Notes

  1. Knight-Commander Silana Arborden, Ironclaw Company
  2. Agent Yara
  3. Age and related dates subject to change based on release of information regarding average age of graduation from an asuran college.
  4. Professor Tokk, College of Statics
  5. Commander Aesa 'Ace' Svandis, Ironclaw Company