Taarax at PCRS HQ, Zephyr 1328.

Doctor Taarax is the leader of the Arcane Medical Theoretic krewe and is a well-known physician and former eco-terrorist. She is noted for having peculiar dialect from a botched experiment.

  • Race: Asua
  • Believed Profession: Necromancer
  • Age: 39
  • Birthplace: Metrica
  • Height: 3ft
  • Weight: 56lbs
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with tendencies toward Good

Reported Powers

Doctor Taarax has show the following capabilities:

  • Ability to manipulate diseases and molds.
  • Assorted necromantic abilities
  • Highly competent medical abilities
  • Able to develop extremely dangerous biological weapons

Reported Weaknesses

Taarax is reported to have the following weaknesses:

  • She is not entirely stable mentally and is prone to erratic behavior.

History and Timeline

Below is a detailed history of Doctor Taarax.


In her youth, Taarax was noted for her talent in bioengineering. She later applied her talents with her father at his medical practice. She is noted in this time to have treated Avalere Eldeste for the symptoms of congenital rubella syndrome shortly after her birth. Taarax would return to the Eldeste household on and off again. She would graduate the College of Dynamics with honors.

Criminal History

Taarax's former involvement with the Peaceful Green Krewe, a militant eco-terrorist group, is moderately well known. In the fall of 1313, she was heard publicly decrying outside of the Inquest headquarters in Rata Sum that "like anyone who like hurts all the totally precious bookahs and other animals will totally face like suuuper deadly consequences!" In the weeks following the speech, Inquest facilities throughout Maguuma came under assault by the terrorist organization.

Of those incident, Dr. Taarax was only found to have been directly involved in one in which a bizarre bio-weapon was deployed that caused heightened physical attraction to all non-Asura entities. Upon entry to the facility, Peacemaker and Eye agents discovered Inquest researchers and operatives caressing tenderly anything that was not an Asura, to include skritt and flesh golems. There was only one fatality, Head Researcher Zoorig, whose blood was used to write on the wall "Like Be Excellent to Each Other!" Below, was what looked like a blood rainbow and a smiling face. The weapon's functionality was largely crippled when a Peaceful Green Krewe facility was attacked by the Inquest. The weapon was deliberately sabotaged by the Krewe to prevent the Inquest from obtaining the technology.

Following that large string of incidents in Maguuma, Taarax was suspected of the kidnapping and murder of at least twenty-two Inquest operatives as well as two incidents to poison the water supply going into the Inquest headquarters in Rata Sum with the "Gummy-Pinky-Poo Virus" which both turns the skin a pink hue and decays the body to a jelly- or "gum"- like state. By the summer of 1315, Peacemaker forces cornered the Peaceful Green Krewe in the Hexane Regrade. The resulting fight resulted in the death and imprisonment of nearly the entire terrorist organization. Doctor Taarax was also captured at this incident, largely surrendering without so much as a fight after being found hidden under a desk.

Taarax, possessed of marked intelligence, was taken almost immediately into the custody of the Arcane Eye. What occurred during her imprisonment with the Arcane Eye is classified. However, what is known is that she was released and largely pardoned for her crimes, but has ceased all direct involvement with what very little remains of the Peaceful Green Krewe, largely tending to research and medical practice in Divinity's Reach. I suspect she brokered a deal with the Arcane Eye over her knowledge about the "Gummy-Pinky-Poo Virus" and other bio-weapons she created in her tenure with the Peaceful Green Krewe. Presently, she appears to regularly petition the Arcane Council to sterilize the entire Inquest. Her only public conviction was a permanent sentence to community service with the Peacemakers as a medical professional. I believe this was largely so that she cannot be lost track of more than any actual punishment.

Other survivors note that, while Taarax was not the Krewe-leader, she was perhaps the most influential member of the Krewe making her one of the most, if not the most, influential eco-terrorist of the 1310s. Despite this distinction, the Peaceful Green Krewe and Doctor Taarax remain largely forgotten.


Taarax (Right) and her spouse, Shocktrooper Jiff (left) Scion 1326.

History beyond the PGK

Taarax worked along Peacemaker groups as a Doctor. She was eventually transferred to PCRS-1 where she became framed for the actions of Voorii (often referred to as the super-asura). Her innocence brought to light, she was again released from prison. She married Shocktrooper Jiff and became pregnant with her first progeny. Shortly there after, a plague broke out across Tyria. In the midst of the outbreak, she appeared to suffer a nervous breakdown and became woefully mentally ill. During an attempted transfer, she was kidnapped by bandits. She was believed to be alive as a super golem that attacked the Rata Sum dock carried a biological weapon of her design.

Her cousin Geffix was captured by a deranged Inquest Director named Dittzi during the golem assault. He escaped and managed to recover Taarax in the process. She has been kept secure in Rata Sum since her recovery, still in a state of psychosis. With the masterminds behind the plot (The Source and Walvus Skyfang) dead, efforts were focused on removing the curse that has caused her mental collapse. She was cured in early 1327.

Presently, she continues work for Arcane Medical Theoretics as Krewe Leader.

Taarax's Theme Music

Blaxploitation theme from black belt jones (mix)

Blaxploitation theme from black belt jones (mix)