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Srazz is the Inquest Research Unit Xeta lead supervisor, and strives for scientific progress above all things. She reports Inquest Directors of Experimental Uncovery, in Rata Sum. She considers all her works highly classified, unveiling them only to her subordinates unless it's critical that she do otherwise. She strives for absolute excellence in all her works, accepting nothing less than an implausable success. 

On a social level, Srazz is almost never the polite conversationist. She is untrusting and unkind towards strangers, aggresivly so towards Bookah. 

Srazz puts scientific exploration and discovery above all else.


Lawfull Evil

Basic Information:

Name: Srazz

Race: Asura

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Profession: Engineer

Title: Lead Supervisor


Eyes: Red

Hair: Shaved

Skin Tone: Black

Clothing of Choice: Inquest Standard Issue Supervisor's Trenchcoat.

Additional Trinkets or Flair: Srazz's Inquest badge is displayed on her jacket's sash.

Traits and Abilities:

Combative: Srazz will use a personal H.A.Z.M.A.T. powered suit into battle. She has modified this suit, with extra plating around it's front and sides. Both hands have been replaced with rapidly firing shotgun-style energy weapons. The suit has 10 seconds of ammo for each arm, and as a whole has an operational battery life of 5 hours. It is named "S-R-Z P.S. Type 05."

Poor Memory: Srazz has a case of minor amnesia, and tends to write non-habitual things down in order to remember them. 


Inquest Research Unit Xeta: Srazz is the leading supervisor of I.Q.R.X., and demands absolute and unquestioning loyalty while on projects.

Father: Frozz

Mother: Srippi

Srazz has a strong relationship with her parents, and loves them dearly. It is in her nature to call them weekly if not more. Both Frozz and Srippi are members of the Inquest.

Gerik: Srazz is partnered with Gerik at the time of this writing. He and Srazz can often be seen meddling with others together, usually to great ends for their amusement.

Ooja: Srazz considers Ooja as her closest personal friend, and as one of the extremely few people she sees as an equel.

Cesmi: Srazz's indentured servent. Cesmii destroyed a priceless piece of machinery belonging to Srazz, and chose to be Srazz's servent untill the debt is repayed.

Background Information: 

Srazz was born in Desider Atum.

Srazz is a Statics Alumini

Srazz has a residence in Rata Sum.

She has a nearly impassible hatred for Bookah, and those who think like them. 

She doesn't drink alcohal.

(( Picture done by Melviata! ))