A quirky, but glitched, asura looking to further expand her ideas of magic in the mind outside its known boundaries.

  • Name: Soirra
  • Title: X
  • Age: 1308 AE
  • Gender: Female
  • Education: College of Synergetics


Soirra is distinctively of a shorter stature than most asura, but likes to think she's not. She has rather thin proportions and short ears. She has dark markings covering her ears and just over her eyes whereas her skin is of a grayer nature. Her hair, of an unnatural looking colour is Black Sea, quite as same as her eyes. Her eyes are quite large and slanted inward while the tips of her mouth are in proportion to tips of her eyes.


Soirra is a quirky, creative, naive, yet extremely outgoing and friendly Asura. Unlike most asuran she has met, Soirra doesn't believe herself to be superior-- or is too interested in machinery other than the works of magic. Dabbling in the research of abstract theories and ideologies is one of her favourite things to do, apart from making friends, of course. Having graduated from the College of Synergetics, Soirra holds her head high in hopes she will someday invent such an eccentric reality (thriving from a theory) that her name itself is seen in the clouds all around Tyria.

She can often be viewed as lesser than her piers, however, how she presents does not depict where her mind wanders, which can at times be very far to very short. She's not worried about producing factual results when working on a small theory such as one of her chosen 'which is better?': orange juice with or without pulp? As she asks the different races what they're favoured method to drink such a delicacy is, she gets results based on racial preferences and cultural norms. With Norn, she finds that they like orange juice with pulp because they can taste all of the contents of the orange they squashed- to use up all of its resources and feel connected to the earth or something along the lines of that. As far as importance goes, Soirra see's significance in all forms of knowledge, including juice. Although, this also means that Soirra see's other ideas to be more preeminent than others, such as psychology linked with magic.

Soirra can act extremely young, even though she'd respectively be what is considered a young adult. The reason for this is not only her personality, but rather, how her brain currently works. More into that later.

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  • Soirra does, every once in awhile, call herself a 'quirckologist'.
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