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Chaotic [-------+--] Lawful


~ Full and complete name: Zivvet

Drawing by katie-draws-all-the-things on Tumblr

~ Race: Asura

~ Gender: Male

~ Age: 20

~ Profession: Ranger

~ Titles of any sort: Officer, Shocktrooper

~ Crafting Disciplines: Huntsman, Chef 


~ Eyes: Light Blue

~ Hair: Dark Brown, Kept up with a headband of sorts

~ Facial appearance: Round, fairly average size ears though a bit on the long side and pointed at the tips, covered in many small scars. He has a larger scar reaching from above his right eye to the far right of his face bellow the eye. Often shows little to no emotion in his facial expression.

~ Skin color and appearance: Chocolate Brown, Gray markings reach from his head down his back and arms, various small scars cover his body.

~ General body build: Short and thin even for asura standards, more muscular than he appears

~ Armor of choice: Preferrs lighter leather armor, anything he can travel easily and move silently in, currently wears a lighter variant of Peacemaker power armor.

~ Additional trinkets or items carried: Peacemaker identification cog, always keeps a small concealed knife on him. 


~ The specialization/disciplines: Sneaking, Observing, Hunting

~ Skill set: 

~ Combat style: Preferrs ranged combat, out of view if possible, knife or hand to hand combat for close quarters

~ Mastery of their class: Advanced

~ Pre-prime, in their prime, or post-prime: Prime

~ Preferred weapon(s): A magicly enhanced longbow of his design, small throwing knifes, one handed sword or dagger

~ Special abilities or unusual skills: Very accurate with a longbow 


~ Place of birth: Brisband Wildlands

~ Current home(s): Brisband Wildlands

~ Involvement with any associations, guilds, or militias: Peacemakers

~ Known family members, and their relation to the character: Keazah [Father] - Old peacemaker constable he had taken a likeing to, later finding Keazah was his real father.

Veea [Mother] - a small but rough former Lionguard, unwilling to back down in a fight, believed to be dead by Zivvet until recently

~ Relationships, past or present: Vexiph - Gexx's younger sister, Zivvet has come to love her because of her spirit and caring personality.

~ Non-family members of note(Includes pets): Vyrrik - First person he considered a friend since she joined the Peacemakers, feels there friendship has drifted a bit since then but still thinks of him all the same.

Gexx - Feels he is one of the few people who understands him, he thinks very highly of him.

Khrono - He thought of him like a brother, inspired him to become a shocktrooper, "deceased", blames himself for his death.

Jiff - Someone he sort of admired since he joined the Peacemakers, he is another reason Zivvet wanted to become a Shocktrooper.

Thomm - A good old friend and brother of Jiff, his thoughts on him now are questionable.

Aealy - Never quite felt like he knew her all that well, but she was nice to talk to at times.

Doctor Taarax - Zivvet never thought very highly of her, but alway found her amusing despite her somewhat psychotic acts.

Zappy - A good friend since he joined the peacemakers, always very energetic.

Yivi - A tough constable that for some time Zivvet didn't care for, he has grown to like her.

Tokkin - Thought of as kind of slow, doesn't understand how he even became a shocktrooper, doesn't mind him.

Taalon - A hawk he caught out in Brisband, nothing else to note.

~ Any enemies, villains, or rivals, and how did this come to be: Zevv - an abusive terrible man, left a lot of mental and physical scars on Zivvet, for years was thought to be his father, deceased.

Mattis - Was never particularly liked by him, finds him irritating at times.

Kyienn - Senior constable, he feels he cares about nothing but himself.

Anyone who purposefully threatens the safety of others 


~ College attended/attending: Dynamics (Dropped out)

~ Majors: Projectile analysis 

~ Minors: magical weaponization

~ Notable Inventions: he designed a magically enhanced longbow, that's it

~ Secret Projects: None 


~ Archetype: Troubled hunter

~ Distinctive personality traits: quiet, serious, caring

~ General happiness, 1-10: 9 For a large part of his life he struggled to be happy, this is the happiest he has ever been.

~ Social level 1-10: 3 unless he is talking to someone he feels he can trust he is generally quiet, though will respond to questions to the best of his ability.

~ Reaction their own race: Generally non-talkative, finds the casual racism irritating but for the most part has no outstanding issues

~ Reaction the neighboring races: May be a bit friendlier toward other races, but generally the same

~ Reaction the lesser races: same as neighboring races

~ Any exceptions to these: No

~ General reaction upon meeting a stranger: May quietly say hello or give them a little nod, nothing much else unless he is spoken too

~ Defining flaws/quirks: not very talkative, grows depressed if Zevv is brought up

~ Greatest Enjoyments: relaxing on his own just about anywhere in Maguuma, spending time with Vexiph if he gets the chance

~ Fears and hates: anyone who purposefully threatens the safety of others

~ 1 Optimist, 10 Pessimist, 1-10: 5 he can be both optimistic or pessimistic, depending on the situation 


~ Birth scenario: Zivvet was born in his fathers lab on the far edge of Brisband. Never met his mother whom his father proclaimed dead, his father was obsessive and abusive. Zivvet was barely cared for but given enough to keep him alive.

~ Progenyhood/Precollege years: Much of his progenyhood was spent in his fathers lab. Due to his father rarely feeding him, Zivvet had taught himself how to hunt and forage for food any chance he got. He would spend his days trying to avoid his father and try to enjoy any time he had away from him. Numerous times he tried to run away but they lived so far from any kind of authorities or civilization that Zivvet wouldn't get anywhere, eventually a golem from his father would come running to retrieve him and he would be beaten on return to the lab.

As he was being returned to the lab one time he found the lab had been broken into. As the golem released him he ran up to the door peering inside then emediatly darting out too hide. He could hear a lot of yelling, then several loud bangs, like gunshots. After an hour of waiting, he saw a group of inquest run out of the lab from his hiding spot, they were carrying something but that wasn't important to him. When it safe Zivvet came out of hiding and went too the lab, it was recked, his fathers projects strewn across the lab in pieces. In the center of the lab lay the corpse of his father.

Zivvet hated him, but still in a sort of way cared for him, he burned the body and buried the ashes. From that point on he lived alone in that old decrepit lab, living off any leftover food that was stored away and using what little he knew about hunting and foraging. Occasionally inquest would return to the lab, searching it for anything they may have missed, sometimes taking things with them, though Zivvet would do nothing to stop them and hide allowing them to carry out there business. There were also the occasional caravans passing by he would attempt to triad with, though was more often unsuccessful.

When he was sixteen a caravan came by heading toward Rata Sum, without asking he followed the caravan hoping too finally see the city. He managed to follow mostly unnoticed, until about half way through Metrica the caravan was attacked and he was separated from it. Zivvet avoided most social contact with anyone in the area, though tried to ask for directions from some other random passer-biers, who in return attempted to take him away due to his age. He was quick to run away, fortunately they weren't all that desperate to catch him and gave up quickly. Eventually he came to Soren Draa, he was amazed at all the golems, arcane crystals and just about anything else that glowed and looked complicated, though despite his amazement he quickly grew bored with it.

As he entered the city he just stood there at the asura gate staring out into the city, until he was eventually told too move along by a set of peacemaker golems. He wandered aimlessly around the city until he came across the peacemakers HQ, which after speaking to an officer there he mentioned Dynamics and was escorted too the college. Dynamics being the only college he really knew anything about as his father spoke of it, after some time but he managed to persuade an instructor too allow him in.

~ College years: Zivvet's college years weren't the best. He did very poorly and as a result was picked on and bullied quite often by other asura. His only successful project to note through college was a longbow he designed. The strength of the bow is magically enhanced by two crystals on each end, most would find the string is quite a bit easier too pull back while also applying equal force to the arrow as would a standard longbow. He didn't meet many people, outside of class he would hide away in his dorm alone or outside the city. Eventually on his last year he decided to drop out of college.

~ Post-graduation/Adulthood: Zivvet was nineteen when he dropped out of college, he wasn't able to find a job among many Krewes due to this. He opted to join the peacemakers in the end, feeling it was the only job that may accept him. He was turned down though for his lack of fighting ability or general strengths in anything. With nothing else to do he traveled back out too his fathers old lab. Using some of what he learned in college he managed to get the labs defenses back online, also making some repairs too the place. He was convinced at this point the peacemakers were his only chance at a real job. He spent the next year or so learning as much as he could about fighting, strengthening himself and honing his skills with the bow. Upon returning to the city he attempted to join again, showing the abilities he had, and finally getting accepted.

The job wasn't difficult at first, mostly just casual patrols around the city or Metrica, or sitting around in HQ. He met Vyrrik and Jiff shortly after joining, thinking of them as fairly close friends though he rarely gets to speak with them. Then there was Khrono, he had transferred in shortly after he joined and almost immediately became good friends with him, almost thinking of him like a brother. Seeing both Khrono and Jiff fight inspired him to work toward becoming a shocktrooper. A problem arose eventually, a genetically altered asura with enhanced strength bent on destroying just about everything in its path. The peacemakers had fought against it numerous times, losing with many casualties more of the time. A golemancer and brother of Jiff named Thomm worked with the chiefs daughter to create special power armor, with the specific purpose of taking down the super asura. Khrono was chosen to wear the armor during the last encounter with the super asura. In the fight, Khrono and the super asura were on higher platforms which deactivated causing them to fall. Before falling Zivvet attempted to shoot the super asura, but by accident shot Khrono. As they hit the ground the super asura activated an explosive which vaporized both of them, leaving a hallow shell of the armor. Zivvet believed it was his fault Khrono died, that the arrow weakened him not allowing him to escape.

Everyone seemed to grieve his death, Zivvet had felt the worst he had ever felt, he felt as if he killed his own brother. After a few weeks people seemed to have recovered, but Zivvet as much as he hid it still felt terrible. For a while things seemed to go fairly normal since then, usual patrols, VIPMS sessions and working in the HQ. Zivvet continued his shocktrooper training and was even promoted to officer.

A plague broke out across Tyria, causing people to become horribly ill and very rarely surviving. Zivvet was lucky enough to stay clean for the duration of the plague, but some weren't so lucky. Doctor Taarax and an old herbalist from Calledon named Ruufle worked on a cure, and were successful at the cost of Taarax going into a sort of stress induced psychosis.

Some time afterward Taarax was kidnapped by some crazy asura. A large golem was deployed by them at the docks which Zivvet, Jiff, Tokken, Ziggy and Gexx were sent to destroy it before it could cause to much damage.They failed with a few casualties and the golem got away. Ziggy got thrown onto a ship, nocked unconscious leaving before anybody noticed. Zivvet, Gexx and Vyrrik were sent on a rescue mission to find her, eventually finding her near Lions Arch. The group split as they were returning to Rata Sum, as Zivvet was about to enter the portal he was jumped and taken away by Inquest. 

He found himself waking up a couple weeks later in the peacemaker HQ, having no memory of what happened. He was told that he was experimented on by the inquest, during these experiments his gender was swapped. As would anyone, Zivvet didn't take it well, falling into a depression and crying often. Especially when she found out there may not be a way to change her back without major risks. But despite the emotions, fears, and just general problems, Zivvet manage to retain most of her composure. She began talking to Gexx a lot since then, one of the few people she feels alright opening up to. Eventually, after many suggestions, she decided to change her name to Zivva to hopefully cause less confusion.

All previous records before the change have been erased. Right now she continues her work in the peacemakers as Zivva, continuing to deal with her problems.