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Basic Information

History and Timline

1307 - 1323

Xeffi was the second child born to Geff and Xia of the College of Synergetics' Sociology Meta-Krewe. Although she grew up looking to playing with her older brother Geffix, he left for the student dormitories before she reached her tenth birthday. Following his departure, Xeffi's responsibility as her parents' lab apprentice grew.

Xeffi developed her habit of frequently writing to those close to her during Geffix's time in college. She continued this practice following his graduation, even though the replies to her letters dropped off dramatically.

1323 - 1326

Upon reaching the age where her mentorship under her parents would no longer suffice to sate her curiosity, Xeffi enrolled in the College of Synergetics. Her studies focused on the more chaotic and entropic aspects of the Eternal Alchemy, specifically the role the fall of Tyria's "lesser" civilizations plays in the Alchemy. Following her graduation in 1326 A.E., Xeffi joined the Durmand Priory as a novice in the order's ranks, hoping to further her understanding of the Alchemy while being able to travel across Tyria.

As part of standard Priory field survival training, Xeffi became proficient with a short-bow and small weapons like pistols and daggers, in addition to the use of shadow magic. She chose this set of skills to be extremely mobile in combat situations.


Although Xeffi was becoming well-traveled due to her membership with the Priory, she and her team were hastily recalled to the order's headquarters in Lornar's Pass following Scarlet's devastating surprise attack on Lion's Arch. During the time following the attack and the aftermath of Scarlet's defeat, Xeffi spent much time aiding the refugees in the nearby camp that the Priory had set up. With people slowly returning to the ruined city, Xeffi's team undertook a years long expedition focusing on uncovering more knowledge regarding the ancient past of the brutish jotun. During the expedition, Xeffi earned the rank of explorer.


Xeffi's team finished their assignments in the Shiverpeaks early in the Season of the Phoenix and went their separate ways, joining other Priory and Pact outfits.

Curriculum Vitae

Xeffi, "Bookah Civilization Collapse Syndrome: Why Kryta Will Cease to Exist in the Next 100 Years," 1325 A.E.

--, "The Collapse of Jotun Civilization: A Warning to the Great Races in the Face of Growing Magic Scarcity," 1327 A.E.

OOC Notes

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