Evil [-------+--] Good
Chaotic [--+-------] Lawful

==Basic Information==
*Full name: Qizuu
*Race: Asura
*Gender: Female
*Age: Young, exact age tbd[1]
*College: Dynamics

Guardian icon


*Birthplace: Rata Sum
*Height: Taller than Average
*Weight: Average
*Family: Hekt (Father, deceased)

History and Timline


Despite her best efforts to convince the Peacemakers she is fighting for justice, Qizuu is still wanted for vigilantism.

Also Known As:  The Inquest Imploder, The Courtier Compactor (of Caledon), The Ettin Whisperer, Savior of the Synchronicity Krewe

Past Krewes and Associatons: Unknown

==OOC Notes==
  1. Age and related dates subject to change based on release of information regarding average age of graduation from an asuran college.