Quantum D-Crystal Communicator

Designed with the intent of providing instant communication and increased security protection. This piece of equipment is tailored directly for those involved in military and law enforcement occupations and krewes.

QDC Structure

1. A solid outer plating of mixed fibrous synthetics encases the inner components. The casing is sealed from the elements, rendering it water proof up to 100 meters. The materials used in the casing are flame retardant, capable of protecting the device up to temperatures of 370 Celsius for several minutes. However, due to the increased function of the internal D. Crystal unit, long exposures of heat will prevent the device from cooling to optimal working temperatures.

2. Inner processing, aptly named the D.Crystal unit. Through focused exposure and manipulation of flawed energy crystals, a process of infusion has been designed to function in the core of the unit. Capable of calculating and storing several functions simultaneously. The D.Crystal is integral to the operation of the device and is required to handle the array of magic manipulations woven into the security protocols.

3. Asura visual network interface. A secure means of networking your multiple devices through a singular unit. Access workplace documentation, reprogram your golem, or access the CHATT system. This device is capable of sending and receiving asura scripted textual relays to other compatible devices. Thorough working knowledge of the integrated devices will be required in order to complete the synchronization.

4. The faint green indicator signal on the communicator provides a simple notification on the status of the device. A green solid light indicates optimal working environments. For more information on indicator codes please reference section F-34.2 in the provided manual.

5. In order to truly offer a physically rugged designed product, the attached securing strap has been designed exclusively for this device through the process of weaving synthetic fibers with a thin alloy coating. Once paired with the intended user this device will not release until the communicator is completely powered off to prevent theft and robbery.

QDC Features


Although this device utilizes the same lines as the well known MMT devices and the Asura Gates, it accesses the system through a different manner.

Level I: Pairing The device is paired to one individual. Following manufacturing the device is set to a wiped state. In order to pair the device with a user, they must imprint their finger to the screen of the device. Beneath the display lays the d.crystal unit. It binds with the user, rendering any other being incapable of using the device in the event of its acquisition. Ensure attention is paid while pairing as it cannot be undone.

Level II: Accessing the Network Similar to previous communicating devices using the magi-matter network. Where standard communications services may broadcast upon an un-broadcasted line or frequency, the d.crystal breaks the communication down into denial magic, only manifesting once reaching the target. Although it is plausible the communication could be intercepted, through rigorous testing we've found the message is irretrievable and quickly dissipates.

Level III: Device Nullification Should through any circumstance the device becomes separated from its user, or compromised in any way, contact the manufacturer. Measures have been taken to render the device inoperable and non-salvagable provided notice is issued.

Patent Information

The QDC was created by Dynamics alumnus Kress, combining his background in communications and denial based encryption protocol.