General Information

  • Name:  Marduk
  • Nickname(s): Professor, old graverobber and Marduk the Merciless.
  • Race:  Asura
  • Class: Necromancer
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 62
  • Birthdate: 198th day of the Season of Scion, 1266.
  • Birthplace: Rata Sum.
  • Current Residence: Rata Sum
  • Education: College of Synergetics.
  • Title: Senior Professor.
  • Marital status: In courtship.
  • Affiliation(s): The College of Synergetics.



Marduk is often noticed by his towering height, his sharp eyes that seem to stare right through one and his ever scolding look on his face, hardly ever smiles without malice towards people outside of his family.

His cheeks are sunken in, having deep wrinkles under his eyes and other places on his face, showing his age. He is still somewhat fit for his age, only a small pudgy stomach due to his age. He's not build for strength, only for endurance, due that he often travelled with a research krewe as young.

His voice is somewhat raspy and deep, almost been compared to sound "creepy" and very professional.

  • Eyes: Golden orange.
  • Hair:  Bald. Only have a small well trimmed goatee that turned grey due to age, it used to be black when he was younger. 
  • Height:  3'9''
  • Weight: 65 lbs
  • Ears:  Long and pointed, right ear has two deformed holes and right has a deep tear and one hole after some minor accidents in younger years.
  • Skin color: Dark camouflage with light, almost white, markings over his head, down his back and long light markings over his lower arms and lower legs. Also have a "V" formed white marking over his collarbone.
  • Scars: Have some minor scarring on his arms, has two scars on his left stomach and got two deep vertical scarring across his throat.
  • Other: He has a green coloured marking, looking like a tattoo, over his right shoulder that stretches over his right shoulder blade, half way across his chest and stretching down all the way to the upper part of his lower right arm. The marking is a stylised serpent with many different unknown arcane markings on its body and has a arcane marking above its head which Marduk indentifies as his own arcane mark.   


Very few people remember how Marduk used to be when he was younger, but he can often be described as a very imposing, cold, calculating and highly dignified person. He often has a scolding look on his face and do always look unimpressed, especially to younger people whom he deems act bookhish. He tolerates no cheeky behavior and seems he has no real sense of humor, can be quick to anger if he already was in a bad mood. Which seems to be most of the time. He hardly ever smiles, usually it is of malice and most people gets unsettled when he smiles, gotten described as a wolf smiling on a lamb. The only times he ever smiles without malice is speaking of his grandchildren or being around them.  

He has a reputation of being a very strict and criticizing teacher who is very picky in whom he picks to be taught by him in his class, but the few students he has he's very protective and makes sure they become skilled.

Not much in this world can scare him, not even the other much larger races of Tyria. He would without problem scold a full grown male charr and not back down.

Even that he's a cranky old man, he still is very lovingly and patient to his grandchildren and can show concern to those he knows, even that he hardly shows it.

For those who are very sensitive can notice that there is something unsettling with him, as there is a dark aura around him. Maybe it is his necromantic magic, but nobody really knows.


Marduk was born as the youngest of three progenies to an skilled pyromancer instructor named Marius and a synergetics archivist named Tixxa. His family mostly consisted with elementalists so when Marduk's natural affiliaction to the dark art started to show at the age of three when he accidently raised a deceased family pet, it gave his parents quite the shock. He was then was sent to a master in necromancy to learn to handle his powers as his own parents knew nothing of it and wanted to make sure he could control his powers and not accidently harm himself or others. The master was named Urix, an necrologist who was a friend to his father and Marduk had great respect of his old master and learned a lot under his care, giving him a solid discipline in the necromantic art.

Otherwise his progenyhood was quite uneventful, even he did run off from his old master to go out exploring the jungles with his friend Shimmer, to whom he is still friends with at present time. Even his old master did not appreciated that and Marduk got punished when caught it is still fond memories for him.

He followed through his pre-college with good grades and entered the college of synergetics, educating himself in traditional necromancy and magical artefact crafting. During his time in college he got hired to be his old master's assitant until Urix died of heart failure half of year before Marduk graduated from Synergetics. He and his friend Shimmer did after graduation jump onto a krewe that explored old ruins, taken the position of the krewes' expert in cursers and helping removing them to secure the dig site while Shimmer disabled traps and exploring the wilderness around the ruins.    

After some years on the road Marduk decided to return back to Rata Sum and got hired as a professor in the College of Synergetics for his excellent research in cursers and his own refined art within fleshweaving, his friend Shimmer soon following and they often did research together. There is some event on his life connecting to that he got his throat damaged, changing his voice, during one project called The Gamigin Project, but not many documents are left of that project and Marduk refuses to talk about it too much. He did think due to his voice had changed that his chance of getting a partner was slim, until an historian named Lilija wandered into his life, falling headfirst for her. After a time of courting they wrote a marriage contract when Marduk was about 30 years old, about one year later his son Kokurernius was born. Although Lilija did drop from the face of Tyria with a portion of his reserch into an ancient orrian artefact when Kokurernius was still an infant, breaking Marduk's heart and made him a single father. Marduk father died of age about 4 years later, his mother died the following week, what he believes of a broken heart of losing her partner.

He did not have too much of an easy life of being a single father and full time professor, and when his son was about 6 years old  his oldest friend Shimmer made an mistake due to a break up with his partner that made him intoxicate himself so much that he accidently blew up a lab of a prominent citizen of Rata Sum and that ended up Shimmer getting booted out of Rata Sum and Marduk lost track of him, not to seen his old friend until when they finally found each other again after many year before Scarlet's attack on Lion's Arch. Did not help that Shimmer's former partner Jezza came to him shortly after Shimmer got thrown out of Rata Sum, pregnant with Shimmer's progeny. He agreed on helping Jezza raising Shimmer's son who was named after his father, Marduk did his best in helping him although he would say it would been easier to raise and teach a stubborn dolyak manners.

Otherwise nothing more major events happened to his life, until when his grown up son sent a letter to him, telling he had found a partner that Marduk did not approve at all. This put some distance between father and son for some years until when Kokurernius and Aidina arrived to his lab and needed a temporary place to stay when they found their son Marius. Marduk was not pleased to see they decided to adopt a charr cub they had found abandon and had the gall in naming it after his father! He was cold to his grandson at the beginning, but eventually warmed up to him, accepting him as his grandson. Some years later he did also get his first granddaughter Zuri, two years later the second one Mimi, both he adores as much as his grandson.

But even he has become much older, nothing shows the old necromancer slowing down anytime soon.        


College: Synergetics.

Major(s): Advanced necrology, advanced haemomagicae and anatomical studies.

Minor(s): Study of creation of aetric artefacts and history of magic.

Work history

·        Assistant of Necrologist Urix. (During the years he attended the College of Synergetics.)

·        Curse researcher (and remover) for the Laor Research Krewe. (Specialized in exploring and documenting old ruins.)

·        Hired full time professor for the College of Synergetics.

·        A couple of times hired as consultant to identify what cursers made some victims to expire.



Aeromancer Kokurernius (Koku): Koku is the grownup progeny Marduk ever fathered with an historian named Lilija and raised him on his own. Marduk has a somewhat strained relationship with his son, they were closer when Koku was younger. The strained relationship is due of they see different ways from each other on various ideals and subjects and they often butt heads about it, both of them too stubborn to back down. But Marduk still loves his progeny a lot and tries his best to support him and his family in the background.

Historian Lilija: Marduk former wife and the mother of his son. She disappeared from the face of tyria when Koku was still just an infant along with a portion of his own private research into an ancient orrian artefact he had. He tried to find out what happened to her, but the only trails he ever found of her led towards the Inquest and ending there. This made him conclude that she must been a spy, even he could not find her registered anywhere in Inquest official records, but this wounded him deeply and refuse to speak anymore about her.

Aidina Stormhammer: Marduk's bookah daughter-in-law, an Iron Legion gladium smith. He had no high thoughts about her in the beginning due to her being a charr, calling her "his son's beast" and often say his son was a fool in writing a marriage contract with her. He has somewhat better relationship with her nowadays, even getting along with her better then with his own son. The reason is probably due Marduk want to have access to visit his grandchildren and the best way is to get along with their mother. He claims also one can have a decent conversation with her and she brews a good pot of tea, for a bookha.

Marius, Zuri and Mimi: Marduk's three grandchildren. They have no blood ties to him as they were adopted, but he does not adore them any less for it. He's close to all three of them and even it can be a handful keeping track of three of them on his own whenever they come over for a day or a weekend he would not want to exchange it for anything in his life.

Tornn: Oldest sibling, lives in Gendarran fields with his wife and is a retired architect, he spends his free time in breeding working dogs. Marduk and Tornn send letters to each other time to time. Is the peacekeeper in the family between Marduk and their sister Xim whenever they have a family gathering.

Xima: The middle sibling, is a field wilderness researchers who operates in Mount Maelstrom. She and Marduk do not keep much contact due to conflicting opinions, but do send each other letters at birthdays to update what has happened in general.

(Friends and associates)

Yimyeta: Marduk's current partner; he met Yimyeta by they ran into each other a couple of times, Marduk enjoyed their conversations and did meet up more, even he had his doubts when he noticed the kind of company she usually had. But many did notice he strangely was tolerating to them, in his own way, and after a while he was not as grumpy towards Yimyeta while his demenor to them she spend time with and he met did not change his demeanor to them that much. Marduk made even sure when he heard she was not getting much work done in her krewe he offered her to partake a project on armoring his flesh golem ROGUA and wired a major part of the funding to her bank account. This made some of the associates he had gained through her start to guess it was something more as they have seen he generally did not treat females nice by that "they are the females of his species", but he treated Yimyeta with concern and gentleness that was highly unlike him, even consoling her whenever she felt awful. In the end he admitted to her he had feelings for her, that luckely for him was answered back and they both entered into a courtship. Their relationship have during this short time blossomed, Yimyeta is one of the few who can easily stop Marduk's temper going overboard, to calm him with just her talking to him and they can bicker like they have been togethur for a long time. Marduk hope for the courtship to go well, they do a lot of succesful projects togethur and none of them will be alone in this world as long as they are able. Marduk do not like showing too much public affection except holding hands and maybe a peck or two, as he deems it is just embarissing and close affection is for private enjoyment for two individuals only.

Agent Inka: (to be written)

Tennk the Broken: (to be written)

Mchangover (Shimmer Sr): Mchangover is Marduk's oldest friend, even they are like day and night compaired to each other they had stuck together since progenyhood and helped each other on different projects and research, even worked within the same research krewe for some years. Mchangover is one of few people who can poke fun on the professor and get away with it, even making sure the old cranky face crack some smile time to time. Marduk often called him a dimwit, but still respect him a lot and refuses to call him by his nickname Mchangover, only call him Shimmer. Marduk thinks the nickname is not dignified.

Borril: (to be written)

Dwinn: A fellow Synergetics colleague whom got introduced to him by Agent Inka before he was about to be enrolled as a professor in the College of Synergetics. Marduk got impressed by his knowledge in his chosen field and that he was very polite during their meetings so he did put in a good for him when he was to be interviewed and gave him some tips what to do during it to impress the interviewer. They have had some meeting ups for intelligent discussions and Marduk is yet to know more of this individual.

(Notable students)

Miki: Miki is one of Marduk's, according to him, most brilliant students that he has high regards to. Always make sure to deliver her projects in time, a bit crude in her minion making and has no other experience of being trained under a tutor, only relied on books for guidence, but Marduk thinks he can make something out of her.

Lorlu: (to be written)

Vivisectionist Ikk: (To be written)


Itazuramono "Ita": The bane of Marduk's excistence.


Marduk teaches in Advanced Necrology, Basic Fleshweaving and Advanced Minion Construction.

Published manuscripts

·       The art of Fleshweaving and advanced minion anatomy.

·       The creation of runes through Blood Magic

·       Advanced construction of Curses.

·       The ebb and flows of magic and the connection to one's life force.

·       Spirit possessions throughout history and its connection to demons.

·       Creation of artefacts using one's own magical signature

Most notable projects that can be found in official archives.


- The Gamigin Project (cancelled)

Hardly any records are left of this project in the official archives, there is recording of the project's budget and choosing of assistant. The start of the project mentioning an artefact containing mist essence that was the inspiration in starting up this project. There is no records of where the project took place, only the project being cancelled due to failure in experimenting on said artefact and the artefact got destroyed in the progress, leaving no trace. There are only two names registered in handling the project: Marduk and Shimmer. Marduk as the head of the project and Shimmer as the assistant.


- "Re animated Organic Guard Unit Alpha." The project was inspirited by Oola's theory about combining golemancy with necromancy, but removing the mechanical part in the theory, researching in constructing customized axons for the neurons so when the electrical impulses and stimulating certain areas of the brain to release of a specific amount of hormones one could "program" the brain to act like a golem's AI, preventing it be acceptable for hacking from an outside source. He based its brain upon a dog, specific in not using a more sentient beings brain schematics, as he would avoid it to get too much of a free will. "Easier to give it more intelligence then to remove it," is his quotation.

As it is powered by the professors necromantic powers it do not rely on power crystals. It is massively build, easily towering above a normal constructed golem and made to withstand most direct damage, but still be agile. While it is not the most fastest of Marduk's flesh construction, it is the one with the most power and able to receive and act upon orders it is given, even when its master is not even close to it. It has two hearts that beats in a rythm when in none dormant state, powering its massive body and keeping the muscles and tendons from stiffing up. It's brain and nervous system is still being tweaked by him to refine it further in processing information. If it gets damaged it will seek up its master to be crafted back together.

R.O.G.U.A - Cell reconstruction. (On going)

This project is an add on for R.O.G.U.A, experimenting on it to make it able to regenerate damaged tissue, torn tendons and broken bones, lessen the need for Marduk to have to patch it together if receiving massive damage. It is yet to show any process in it.

Mapping of the nervous system on a mammalian semi-sentient life-form. (On going)

One of his side projects in mapping the nervous system, he has spend many years in mapping it and yet to be finished with it. He has an successor to carry on his project in case he perishes before he manage to finish it.

General rumours and talking among students:

-Some students say among themselves that if the professor get annoyed enough on a student he would devour their soul, it is deemed as just a rumour.

-There is a rumour that he has a flesh wyrm in his lab that he feeds with students that failed their assignments too many times.

-He's called Marduk the Merciless as he doesn't hesitate to fail someone hard for an sloppy assignment and do not hesitate doing it.