Character Name: Phleex
Aliases: TBD
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Profession: Engineer

Apparent age: Mid thirties
Hair/mane/leaves: Bald, shiny head
Skin/fur/bark: Gray with black markings on head, arms, chest and legs.
Appearance details: He is generally a taller asura, around 3'10" tall. His body is lanky and flexible since he is known to forgo a meal if it meant completing his project. Long ears arc downward and are held at this angle when he is relaxed. His iris match the color of his gray skin.

Personality: He is a typical student of Dynamics college: active, impulsive, adventurous with engineering. He can be neglectful if he moves too fast on a project and is very unorganized. He has been known to be foolish. But sometimes the foolishness works in his favor, *cough*.

Religious beliefs/philosophy: The Eternal Alchemy

Progenyhood: Not much has changed. His parents were reserved and students of Statics college. Perhaps this drove him to be more reckless and ambitious in creations. After graduating college and parents passed away over time, he inherited much of his family's wealth due to their own statistical insight. This allowed him to spend much of his days researching and working on projects. Good and bad came from it.

Recent history: Funds are spent. He is now on an adventure to reacquire wealth to continue his constant need to create dynamic things.

Notable relationships: TBD

Strengths, talents, and points of pride: Engineering, good with a multitool, pistol and rifle use. While he can make mistakes with some projects, it can help him at times.
Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement: Understanding when to stop, small hint of hyper awareness. Doesn't follow advice of others, While mistakes can sometimes help with projects, it can end up worse.