General Information

  • Full Name: Paaolla
  • Pronounciation: [Pae-ole-ah]
  • Aliases: None
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Around 11-12 years old


  • Eye Color: Foggy
    IMG 0387
  • Hair Color: Snow white
  • Build: Small due to age, but very muscular from training
  • Height: 2'9 ft
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Wardrobe: Paaolla typically wears numerous assortment of heavy plate armors to protect herself. She most likely wears some sort of town or casual clothing under this, but she's rarely seen with her armor off. She even sleeps in it.
  • Other features: Paaolla's left eye has a medium sized cut going vertically down the eyelid towards her cheekbone. As well as her right bottom lobe of her ear having been ripped off.


  • Education: Homeschooled by Unidentified Blood Father, then Adopted Father: Rett the Blunt.
  • IQ: Several points above age average.


  • General Magitechnological knowledge.
  • Knowledge on combat/channeling with Hammers.
  • Knowledgable on Metallurgy.
  • Magic Channeling through crystals.
  • Intelligence: Kinesthetic, Logical, and Linguistic.


- Early Childhood -  [ More to be Included ]

Interview Log #1: I was called in to obtain information on a quiet child. But when I stepped into that sealed room, I didn't see a child sitting on one end of the table. Her eyes were locked on me like a rabid murellow, she was hiding her body language from me as I sat on the other end. I tried to ask her questions, she would only respond by writing in a notebook or using her body to signal answers. I was told she had recently lost her adopted father, but they didn't know who her real father was. What I recall during my talk with her only seemed to leave everyone with more questions...
  • Interview Overview: Recorded and Published by Reporter Zeuokk. [Click Here] .

- Recent History -

After Paaolla's adopted father Rett passed away from a heart attack, the young child was spent being shuffled around between strangers and living on her own outside the City limits before a member of her adopted father's company TEK, an engineer named Azzrie, took her in. This was only a temporary plan however. Once getting the word out there was a progeny in need of a home, a geomancer by the name of Selimivi stepped up and took Paaolla in as her new official daughter.
Although Paaolla's freewill and wandering have slowed due to the insistence of her new adopted mother, the young child still seems persistant in getting her time to herself. Though Paaolla now appears less hostile within the presence of her new mother, her bluntness still remains the same. Whether this behavior is in the name of her adopted father or out of spite for her new mother is unsure for now. 
There are some hints that even in that cold trustless heart, the young pale progeny still misses her old Blunt overseer and the allies he worked with.



  • ? ? ? (Father) [Deceased]: The official blood Father of Paaolla, it seems from what little others have been able to gather that the two had a very bizarre if not dangerous relationship between each other, which is most likely what sparked Paaolla's lacking of trust. His intentions for teaching her methods of combat and conditioning her distrust for others is still unsure. In some ways, some could assume even Paaolla doesn't know. 
  • ? ? ? (Mother) [Unknown]: The official blood Mother of Paaolla. When asked or mentioned, it appears that Paaolla had never seen any trace of her mother. Nor did her father mention anything about her mother.
  • Rett the Blunt/Rett the Rough [Deceased]: Paaolla's past adopted parent. The two formed the closest thing to a bond Paaolla had experienced in her small span of life. Even having been a father before didn't prepare him for the mess of a progeny Paaolla was. They didn't get along too well at first, but Rett assumed it was better for the kid to be with him over in the streets beating up random citizens in Rata Sum. After a while though, he managed to earn enough of her respect to get something close to trust involved. To some degrees, he began trying to revert the teachings that had been drilled into Paaolla's head by her blood father. However, his death caused a violent revert back to her old teachings, losing the only person she perhaps ever trusted or ever will trust.
  • Selimivi: Paaolla's current adopted parent and her first mother. The two haven't developed enough of a bond yet to describe how well they do together. Only time will tell.


  • Vielmatt: Although only knowing him in the time Rett was more active in his company, TEK. Paaolla was taken in by him for a night and she even helped him with rouge steam monster getting into his house. Though more fond of his cat, Bookah, then Vielmatt. She doesn't give her usual distrusting glare as she does with the ordinary stranger. As of recently, she's begun to seek him out, even if to just watch him from a distance. Intentions are unknown.
  • Kkalk: A scientist with a personality similar to hers, it was no wonder that she found herself facinated by the middle aged man. Sneaking into his lab and observing his work, occasionally smashing it when it would move towards her. He had healthy relations with Paaolla and offered her a place to sleep in exchange for help on his projects, but like with most others that offer her a place to stay, she isn't there for long.
  • Borril: One of the more strange people the progeny had bumped into, the young rather overcaring man tried to keep Paaolla's caged spirit and temper under control. After a while though, their relations grew more distant when it was discovered that Paaolla didn't like his wife, Ida, due to the fact that she was a necromancer.
  • Azzrie: Her temporary foster parent until Selimivi was able to adopt Paaolla, the two didn't really bond in anyway. Usually just Azzrie attempting conversation with the girl during meals, since that was the only time she'd come back to the house. Though they never seemed to have much in common, Azzrie gave a small present to Paaolla before she was officially taken away by her adopted mother. Showing that even in their short time and with that stubbornness, she'd miss the progeny all the same.

Other Information

  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral / Lawful Evil
  • Blood Type: B-
  • Preferred Hand: Left