Gejja Full Body Pic


Subject's Name: Gejja (Ghee-jah)
Profession: Osteologist (Necromancer)
College: Statics Alumnus
Archive Server: Tarnished Coast – PST Sector
Subject Number: X78-5-3042-N
Age: 38
Gender: Female
Height: Undefined….Suspected clerical error found. Estimated height…minimum for Asuran female.
Weight: Unknown data corruption found…. Listing edit states ‘slim and that’s all you need to know.’
<Tagged for correction and investigation by Archiving Department.>

Distinguishing Features: Across the flesh around her eyes, the entirety of her ears and along either arm her usually dark creamy flesh is distinctly browned. This seems to be as a result of some past experiment gone wrong rather than natural flesh pigmentation.

Personality Traits: Not modest at all and rather condesending. To everyone. Though to a lesser extent and limited amount time with her own kind. She appears to resent being put into lower positions in projects. But she has yet to outright refuse projects that significantly interest her but would put her in such a position. Though she seems to get promotions in these which sometimes are merit based and others suspiciously unclear.


Early on in her studies within the College of Statics she had a strong interest and aptitude for necromancy. Specifically in extrapolating upon the Great Oola’s work in combining necromancy with golemancer technologies. She has expressed a rather eccentric interest in bone minion research as a focus upon her graduation.
Undead and Golems

Despite her eccentricity and her often arrogant tone she is often a rather high spirited and genial sort. Perhaps a little too energetic when interested in something in particular. But past reviews have shown that many have ultimately enjoyed working with her in the past. Only a few minor exceptions of course. But that’s what the records show!

<Tagged for inspection. Suspected embellishments by unknown user.>

Recent investigations suggest that Gejja has been recruited by the Inquest. It is unclear at this time for how long she has been in their ranks. But reports now tell of her speaking openly about improved funding for her work and more "elbow room" for her outstanding projects due to her 'benefactors'.

Nuts and Bolts

Religious Belief/Philosophy: Strong believer in the Eternal Alchemy. / ‘The past can instruct the future.’

Gejja Ava update

Evil [---+--------] Good
Chaotic [---------+--] Lawful

Strengths: Strong aptitude for necromancy and golemancy. Moderate ability as a chemist. Boorishly strong resolve and very single minded in completing her goals.
Weaknesses: Has a very low opinion of the intelligence levels of other races. Very low. Has a tendency to let her arrogance get the better of her and thus into trouble often. She is very small of stature so anyone (read: everyone) with a height advantage will likely be able to exploit this if needed. She’s also not particularly strong by anyone’s standards. (Though she does make up for this in her magical abilities and quick thinking.) Spiders absolutely terrify her.

Medical History: M.F.R-P (Magical Flesh Re-Pigmentation) Injuries. – Pigmentation Reassignment: Unsuccessful.
Fractured arm – Repaired.

Employment History

T.A.R.D.I.S. Krewe

Project Lead: Professor Torkk of the College of Dynamics
Position and Duties: Assistant– Mist Transference: Necromantic Sector
Project Description: Under the purview of Professor Torkk of Dynamics a device was being constructed to predicted future events. If successful it would be an “Early Alert System” for things ranging from Inquest to Elder Dragon & Minion attacks.
Device name: T.A.R.D.I.S (Time And Reaction Differentiation Inferencing Systems)
Reason For Leaving: Project Failure
(footnote: Krewe members injured and experiment failed to yield desired results.)

Recent Employment: Company: N/A - Self Employed
(footnote: Interested parties may apply directly to Ostelogist Gejja to form a Krewe-based effort.)

Position and Duties: Project Lead – Necromancy to Technological and Biological extensions.
Project Description: Unknown data corruption. Salvaged notes from Archive Department: -- attempt to graft bone minions with biological and technological – advanced memory recognition attempts failure – further attempts are in progress to… End of salvaged notes. Archive Department appreciates your patience while this file is reformatted and data is recovered. Have a nice day!
Reason For Leaving: N/A - Project in progress.

Other Affiliations and Notables

  • Durmond Priory
  • Mentor/Former Krewe Leader/Friend: Retired Professor Torkk
  • Business Associate/ Easy Mark: Gytha Crowley
  • Business Associate/ Easy Mark: Millicient Bowyen
  • Former Test Subject: Alter Cain/ "17"
  • Inquest <Tagged for Investigation by Archiving Department>

Role-Play Preferences or Limitations for this Character

No ERP. Limited romance rp is fine though. Violent RP is fine. But for things like very, very serious character altering injury or death – the usual applies – ask me about it in a /whisper before doing it. Other than that…just about anything goes!