“Your skillset would indicate that you’d be better as a doorstop, or a paperweight.”

-Anonymous krewe leader on Naxxi’s application for a chemist position

Personal Information

Name: Naxxi (Naks-ee) Aliases: Bookah, Skritt-brain (Insulting monikers given by other Asura), Naxx

Age: Twenty-five

Race: Asura

Gender: Female

Residence: Soren Draa

Religious/Spiritual views: Very, very loose and basic understanding of the Eternal Alchemy

Profession: Engineer

Affiliations College of Dynamics (Alumna) Necrotechnic Krewe 

Appearance Height: Short even for an Asura, something that, aside from her more pressing personal flaw, gets her picked on.

Build: Small, quite scrawny. Eye colour: Pale Green.

Hair: Terracotta, tied in two gold ribbons at the back.

Skin: Shale in colour, without any distinguishable markings aside from a mole below her left eye.



Naxxi’s infanthood was unremarkable. Other than a tendency to cry a little more than most, nothing seemed particularly odd about her. As she got older, things started becoming more apparent. Her parents soon found that it took her longer to learn things than other progeny. They thought she would grow out of her academic slowness, but the gap between Naxxi and her peers only grew as she got older. Unaware of her mental deficiency, Naxxi would accidentally display her mental ineptitude to other students, by asking questions with obvious answers, being unable to solve problems easy for the average Asura her age, among other displays. Growing up in Soren Draa soon became a painful ordeal for her, as her fellow progeny began to bully her for her deficiency. As such, she was subjected to the swirlies, pantsings, wedgies, and other torments inflicted by her peers. Too afraid to tell anyone save her mother, Naxxi allowed this to continue for her entire academic career until college.

Young Adulthood After (barely) graduating from precollege, it came time for Naxxi to go to college. Her poor grades limited her choices, and she couldn’t attend the College of Statics as she wished. Her only option was to attend the college of Dynamics, electing not to take any courses on golemancy, deeming them "too hard", and instead focused on learning about her mother's profession. She spent her years in College majoring in chemistry with a minor in mechanics, eventually writing her thesis on Hylek Alchemy. Studying at the College of Dynamics soon proved to be extremely difficult for her, and Naxxi would fail three of her years in college. A horrible embarrassment for any Asura, Naxxi keeps this a secret from everyone, other than, as with her previous secret, her parents. After finally completing her last year, a day she fondly remembers as the happiest day of her life, things went downhill for her once more. For some time after college, Naxxi was without work. With every krewe she applied to, she faced rejection after rejection after rejection. Eventually, though, she did find one that accepted her. It was a shady, lesser-known krewe with a dubious record, which Naxxi was unaware of. She got a job as a janitor, and was only employed because the krewe leader found it more financially sound to hire her instead of simply using a golem.

Recent -After being fired from her position as a janitor on grounds of incompetence and her no longer being cheaper than a golem, Naxxi was hired into Necrotechnic Krewe. She presently functions as a researcher and lackey. -Due to a mix up (and her not reading the contract correctly) from when she spent a brief period handing out Vigil pamphlets, Naxxi was sent to Frostgorge Sound. There, she was able to convince her warmaster to allow her to perform menial tasks away from the front lines. After serving for roughly a month, Naxxi's warmaster, Deighna, consented to injuring her to allow the frightened Asura to return home. -Working with a piece of technology that NTec used to study Ascalonian ghosts, Naxxi accidentally released one of the ghosts into her body. The ghost's actions while controlling her body led to her arrest by the peacemakers. She was detained until the ghost, calling itself Arthur Griffey, confessed to being trapped in Naxxi's body. Griffey was soon removed, but turned violent and was disposed of. -Naxxi signed on with the Inquest as an intern, curious as to what the Inquest was like. She was given the job of Lab Sanitation Subordinate within her krewe, and is quite satisfied with her task.

Other Information

Personality The most defining, important thing about Naxxi is her intelligence, or rather, lack thereof. She is, in every sense, stupid, a problem that has plagued her for her entire life. She also has quite a childish personality, and her small vocabulary and difficulty pronouncing larger words certainly further this. Generally, she is a friendly person, especially considering she lacks the ego that most Asura have. Naxxi is both fascinated and terrified of the world around her. She wants to learn as much as she can about the world, although she is reluctant to explore places beyond what she already knows. While trusting and quite gullible, she has a tendency to be afraid of most things. This is partly a result of her naturally poor understanding of her surroundings, and partly because of the treatment she generally receives from other Asura. The way she interacts with people is simple: if they’re nice, she’ll be nice back. If they’re mean to her, she’ll cry, attempt to make them stop, or run away.

Other traits/quirks Naxxi is a very fearful person. She’s the sort of person who would be afraid of her own shadow if it were dark enough out. She would certainly be the sort of person to stay at the back of a group while cowering, asking others for reassurance, and telling herself that she’s going to be alright. Naxxi is also quite adverse to cold weather. She gets quite cold, what with her lack of considerable body fat or muscle, faster than others. She has a tendency to evacuate her bladder, whether she likes it or not, in situations that scare her or make her significantly uncomfortable.

Goals/Aspirations/Desires More than anything, Naxxi wants to be a Golemancer. Sadly, she is likely to never achieve this, due to her magical and intellectual ineptitude. She does, however, try to learn as much as she can on the subject in her free time. As time has gone on, her dream of learning golemancy has taken more and more of a back seat, and Naxxi has begun aiming lower, and wants to be married and have children someday.

Significant Relationships Pekkta - Pekkta is Naxxi’s mother, and her closest friend. Due to being unable to make friends as a child on account of her mental deficiency, Naxxi simply spent all of her time away from precollege with her parents, especially Pekkta. Naxxi holds her mother in very high regard, and will readily believe anything she says. This makes it much easier for Pekkta to lie to her daughter for her own good.

Tenn - Tenn is Naxxi’s former significant other. Their relationship was largely one-sided, and Tenn felt little affection for her. He treated her poorly, and saw her as little more than a placeholder, but Naxxi was able to ignore these things for fear of loneliness. While she was serving in Frostgorge Sound, Tenn terminated their relationship by way of mail, leaving an already terrified Naxxi distraught.

Fallei - For a significant amount of time, Fallei was Naxxi's only friend not blood-related to her. Since meeting him, she began to develop romantic feelings for him, but was too afraid of how he would react if she told him. She eventually did, and her fears were accurate. Naxxi has slowly been able to get over this, and is less uncomfortable with the idea of being around Fallei.

Tokkin - Tokkin is Naxxi's present significant other. Naxxi considers Tokkin to be a far better companion than her previous boyfriends due to him being far more similar to her.