Senior Constable Kyienn

Basic Info

Name: Kyienn

Race: Asura

Profession: Mesmer

Age: 38

College: Synergetics

Occupation: Senior Constable Peacemaker


Kyienn, often times strict and harsh, rarely shows any kind of facial expression.  Though not well liked by his fellow Peacemakers who describe Kyienn as an old grump, he does his best to ensure that theirs and the citizens safety comes first and foremost.  Personally Kyienn prefers solitude than interaction with others and can be found most of the time doing paperwork behind the desk of the Peacemakers HQ only speaking when needed or to bark out orders.  


Born in into a family of Peacemakers, it was no surprise when Kyienn decided to enroll into the Peacemakers after graduating from the College of Synergetics.  After passing the academy he started his job as a Peacemaker Cadet stationed in the general Metrica Province area with his father whom Kyienn resembled in both appearance and personality, often causing a clash of heads between the two though the two never got into any physical altercation of any kind.  After working under the Metrica Province department for several years he opted to be transferred to the department of Mrot Boru in Brisban after another heated argument with his father, this decision turned out for the better as the time spent apart from eachother improved their relationship.

More to come