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Basic Information

  • Full name: Kress
  • Race:  Asura
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 31
  • College: Dynamics
  • Profession: Denial Encryption Specialist
  • Birthplace: Rata Sum
  • Height: Average
  • Weight: Fit
  • Family: Dakki (Mother), Lab Overseer Fornn (Father)


Communications and Encryption specialist. Kress has extensive knowledge of internal device security measures and a firm grasp on ley lines in magimatter transportion. His attunement to denial magic, coupled with his background in encryption was a driving force to his obsessive interest in what he refers to as Quantum Level Denial Communication.

Brief History

As a progeny, Kress spent most of his days assisting his Guardians, who were researchers in a krewe working with the College of Statics. Statics Researcher Dakki (Mother), and Statics Lab Overseer Fornn (Father). His family was greatly dissapointed when Kress, against the pressure of his parents he chose to study at the College of Dynamics.

The majority of his work and studies centered around data management and aetheric communications. Following graduation he worked with several krewes on various projects, gaining further experience in security features and magi-matter transportation systems.

On the 2nd day of the Zephyr, 2026 Kress was reported missing while working with Kipptech Mobile Laboratories. Foul play was not suspected until his appearance on the 33rd day of the Zephyr, 2026 in Divinity's Reach. He was found wandering the city with temporary memory loss. The Inquest had captured Kress and used him for an experimental procedure, leaving a metalic cyllindrical device implanted in the back of his head. The purpose of the device was never discovered, however upon surgical removal it was found the object had been carefully connected to his sensory receptors.

Kress departed from Kipptech following his absence, working as a free agent and offering his services as needed. His new found time allowed him to begin creating what he referred to as Quantum Denial Communication, a process involving condensed denial magic within a specially augmented data crystal. This lead to the birth of one of his signature devices, the QDC.


1 SCION - 1296 - Kress was born

1318 - 1320 - Nevvi's Krewe
Optimizing standard golem interface security protocol syntax for undisclosed client.
Position: Research / Archives

1320 - 1323 - Electraphysicist Dhunn's Krewe
Measurement and classification of residual ambient magic in the atmosphere. Utilizing krewe constructed apparatus known as Eternis-Conduct Surveyor
Position: Field Tester

1323 - 1325 - (Nothing found in archives)

1325 - 1325 - Golemagical Applications / Kipptech Mobile Laboratories
GA - Research and development of items necessary to aid in the defeat of the elder dragon threat.
GA - Position: Researcher, Liaison between Golemagical Applications and Kipptech Mobile Laboratories
KTML - Development of products for military and consumer use.
KTML - Position: Liaison between Golemagical Applications and Kipptech Mobile Laboratories

1325 - 1326 - Kipptech Mobile Laboratories
Development of products for military and consumer use.
Position: Director of Operations

1326 - 1326 - Belmas' VIPMS Krewe Research and development of simulation training unit for tactical law enforcement training applications. Position: Specialized data storage design, programming

1326 - PRESENT - Tactical Exergonics

59 COLOSSUS 1326 - PRESENT Kress dissapears, leaving only a few asura in Tyria with minimal information relating to his dissapearance.

1 ZEPHYR 1327 Kress' whereabouts still unknown.

48 ZEPHYR 1328 - Kress has returned to Rata Sum from an unexplained absence.

Notable Works

QDC (Quantum D-Crystal Communicator)

Following Kress' resignation from Kipptech Mobile Laboratories, he began work on the QDC device. He began a secure framework for a more secure form of communication. As the MMT functioned from magi-matter principles used in the asura gates, anyone with applied knowledge of magi-matter transportation could spot the flaws in the design and thus could compromise the relay of data.

Relationships & Affiliations

Fornn (Father) -

Dakki (Mother) -

Belmas -

Srazz -

Doctor Elza -

Naat the Needler -

Vielmatt -

Hexxi the Craft -

Shiegal -

Borril -

Ida -

Quotes From Others

"He is stubborn, closed-minded, insulting, and infuriating... But he is also intelligent and, ultimately, I would trust him with my life should it come to that." - Elza, Rata Sum Physician

"He keeps his esoteric chips close to his chest - So to speak. Silent cunning is the most dangerous kind." - Pahkk, Inquest

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