Drawing by Xam


Name: Keazah (Hazaek is his original name)

Age: 67

College: Synergetics (Not graduated)

Profession: Mesmer

Career: Constable Peacemaker


Keazah has been in the peacemaker department for 47 years.

He once re-joined the department after being reported as killed for several months. Keazah claims that he was captured by a tribe of krait, and was a "test subject" for their poisonous weapons, though the krait somehow kept him alive. It was unkown how he escaped for some time, but he was checked into the clinic until he was well enough for work again. The long term damage of the excessive exposure to toxic gas and injections might affect his memory, though overall he seems relatively normal.

A young krait follows Keazah around. He no longer cares to explain to anyone why he accompanies him, but he will correct you if you say he is his pet. He is apparently his assistant, and Chief Mattis seems to approve of Keazah having the krait's company.​


Although he was genuine and honest when it came to important matters, he seemed overly reserved and secretive about himself personally. Nobody knew him close enough to understand why, though perhaps it was due to the krait incident.

He is acceptably decent at the art of mesmer magic, but he is still considered somewhat weak in combat capabilities. Keazah has also taken up another role, fulfilling the duties of a psychologist counselor which he functions as within the department. Rather than leading daily patrols, Keazah mainly stays within the headquarters to deal with the prisoners and/or desk duty. He routinely chooses a prisoner to interview for a psychological evaluation.

Keazah seems to be cursed with an unusually large nose. It's size is even more noticeable now that he has a horizontal scar across the bridge. His facial expression is perpetually snobby, sneery and grumpy. However, it doesn't seem to match up with his gentle, polite attitude.

As a Constable, Keazah is surprisingly easy-going. He rarely scolds anyone under him, but when he does it is in peculiarly good manners. He will, however, reprimand any peacemaker who is physically or verbally abusive to prisoners or fellow peacemakers.


Srius and Stynek were Keazah's parents. They were synergetic sages, and understood how to control magic in their fields fairly well. Although Keazah can remember them, he has never spoken of them. Keazah was re-acquainted with his brother shortly after his recovery from the krait incident, not remembering who he was. His brother, Fridrad, was the only person he could confide in until his death.

Keazah was for the past year the lone peacemaker. He just got his duties over with, however with much care, and did not socialize. The old man was never unfriendly, he just never seemed to get involved in social circles. This might be due to stress and depression, a side effect of traumatic brain injury. It doesn't help that he has also taken leave from work for long peroids of time for physical therapy.

After Fridrad's death, Keazah began to feel very different. Depression overcame his need for sleep, and he became almost bitter and irritable. In his sleep deprived state, he still managed to carry on with his duties and continue to help those in need of psychological counseling.

Keazah's list of patients:

(Prisoner) Inventor Xam -

(Peacemaker Cadet) Realist Lily -

(Prisoner) Trey Stardust -

Keazah is always very concerned for his patients and tires his best to responsibly treat them. His treatment rarely goes beyond simply comforting them and speaking with them, encouraging them with moral support and easing their anxieties. Sometimes he will provide natural supplements, most often in herbal tea form, or lozenge. The supplements are purely safe and don't have negative side-effects.

Noteworthy Associations:

Mattis - Constable Keazah and Chief Mattis have always gotten along. Shocking, isn't it? Despite their contrasting personalities and moral code, neither seems to get under the other's skin, and they both work together for their own goals- however different they may be as long as they benefit eachother.

Xam - Although Keazah believes Xam should be punished for his mistakes, he feels that there is enough good left in him to redeem himself. His observations lead him to understand that Xam's influencers were particularly harmful to his psyche which may have lead him towards a wrong, or at most confused, path. Due to Keazah's patience and understanding, Xam feels he has been given hope for his future.

Zivvet - Keazah has taken a liking to this shocktrooper. He is the first peacemaker he has opened up to about his past, and his hardships. Since he had psyche evaluated him before, he has an understanding of what he's been through aswell.

Dojje (Lily) - The constable didn't think much of the cadet at first. A beautiful lady receptionist who, at the beginning, seemed to cope well on her own. When she was kidnapped, Keazah lead a search to try to find her. Luckily, he and the other peacemakers managed to track her captor and outsmart him, rescuing Lily.

As his job would call for, Keazah psyche evaluated her to reveal the affects of the trauma which assailed her psychologically. She was desperately in need of comfort, and so Keazah undoubtedly offered a shoulder to lean on. Through this, the two formed a bond which only a select few lower-ranked peacemakers know if it escalated further into a relationship.