An Explorer in the Durmand Priory, focused on defeating the threat of the Elder Dragons. Former member of Arcane Eye and former Krewe Leader of Asuranized Analytics.

Date of birth: Day 27 of Zephyr, 1305
Place of Birth: Rata Sum
Occupation: Priory Explorer
College: Dynamics


Imxii is a bit taller than the average asura, even if not by much, with a slim build. She has dark purple hair and blue eyes. Her skin is a light grey with slightly darker, spotty markings. She’s has a number of think scars along the front of her torso and left arm.

Personality and Outlook 

Formerly a self-sure and flippant asura, Imxii has changed dramatically over the last few years. She has evolved into someone far more interested in serving others, as opposed to floating through life. Ever since the explosion that changed the course of her life, she has dedicated herself to ensuring the safety of others. This triggered her to join the Arcane Eye and later leave the organization for the Priory. She is, in many ways, an optimist. No matter how vile a person may be, she believes it is possible for them to be reformed. She believes that her own people are imperfect, but she believes that they continue to improve and better themselves over time.

Beneath the surface, she is strained by the pressures she puts on herself, and the tragedies that she has both witnessed and experienced. Violence is never a first solution for her, and it takes great effort for her to end another life. She has never taken the life of another asura, and even she is uncertain if she ever could.

Asura are still more important than any other race in her mind. While she generally treats bookah reasonably well, her people are her people. She would expect a human to prioritize humans over any other race, so she does not see that as a failing, or even wrong. Despite being a former isolationist, however, she now sees great value in cooperation with other races, even if she still maintains that they should all remain culturally very distinct.

Following the destruction of Lion's Arch and her disillusionment with both the Arcane Eye and the Arcane Council, Imxii harbors a resentment toward the ruling body of Rata Sum. She is slow to trust any organization, and she has grown to resent being given orders. Imxii will frequently be outspoken when she dislikes a directive, or the direction an organization is going in, and she is usually very willing to push back against orders.


Early Life

Imxii’s parents were both Statics alumni who were members of the same krewe studying hylek when she was born, something that was fresh in mind when naming their new progeny. They did well enough for themselves and that provided Imxii a fairly normal life as a progeny and later as she grew. In fact, the bulk of her life while young was rather unextraordinary.

At least, except for the travel. She occasionally would have a chance to follow her parental units into the field while they performed their studies. After that krewe broke apart and her parental units formed another, she found herself stepping through gates even further away from Rata Sum. She was visiting other, more bookah-inhabited population centers often enough that it became annoying to the growing progeny. She found it disruptive and quietly resented the travel, but eventually she found the fun in it: the inanity of bookah.

Despite having a fairly analytical mindset and an upbringing that emphasized the philosophies of the College of Statics, when it came time to decide she actually chose Dynamics. This was no doubt part of a somewhat rebellious streak, but also because she genuinely felt that Dynamics would be a better fit for her.

In some ways she was probably right, but she never quite found her stride. She has a very sharp mind, something noted by several of her professors, but she never seemed to have any focus at all. She dabbled in courses across a wide variety of fields and even performed admirably in the vast majority of them, but none ever grabbed her. In the end, and somewhat ironically, her studies fell into cultural anthorpology (or ‘Bookahology’) more out of happenstance than anyactual interest in it. Simply put, thanks to her parental units dragging her all over Tyria, she had enough background in the field to begin with that it was easy.

Asuranized Analytics

She found herself working with an unlikely colleague from the College of Statics by the name of Rivva. Although there is a rather immense gulf between their personalities, the two formed a small krewe, if it could really be called that. Imxii in particular had been working on what she refered to as ‘Asuranization’, which is the impact of asura and asuran technology on bookah.

Imxii, after Rivva managed to accidentally turn the leadership of their “krewe” over to her, became heavily focused on fleshing out their project and earning funding. They secured enough academic interest to keep them functional. Then to expand their research material, Imxii began reaching out to relevant krewes who dealt with bookah clients, or who interacted with bookah on a regular basis.

Turning Point

Things were going spectacularly well, and Imxii was able to secure enough funding to truly build out Asuranized Analytics into a full krewe. She was working on this front before an event happened that would have a drastic impact on her life. During a series of terrorist attacks on Rata Sum perpetuated by an asura known as Voorii, Imxii was severely injured in an explosion at the Rata Sum docks. This experience shook her deeply. It made her very keenly aware of her mortality, it shook her life-long feeling of safety within Rata Sum, and it showed her the horror and cruelty that could exist within the world first hand.

Not long after this event, Imxii again found herself the victim of an attack. She was held at knife point by a criminal looking to escape Peacemaker forces. During the confrontation, Imxii was stabbed and poisoned. Fortunately, the response was quick and her injuries were treated.

Both of these events lead to a cascade of other changes. So deeply distressed from her experiences, she ended her relationship with an asuran mercenary named Valias, who had recently become a member of her budding krewe. Asuranized Analytics crumbled, and everything she had been working for seemed to end before they had ever fully begun.

Agent of the Arcane Eye

Even as her life seemed to be falling apart, Imxii found a new focus. After all of the pain she experienced from the bombing and onward, she wanted to help protect other asura from anything like that happening to them. That could have led her to joining the Peacemakers, but she found another path open to her. She had become acquaintances with an asura named Geffix, who was working as an operative for the Arcane Eye. Although he discouraged her from joining, in the wake of her life being thrown so far off course, she had raised him up as an idol to strive to be like.

She applied to the Arcane Eye and was accepted into the organization. This resecured the funding she needed to continue her research, now being performed for the Arcane Eye to better determine ways to control other nations and maintain greater security for Rata Sum. She began collaborating closely with Geffix, both on research, and in combat training. The two also developed a lasting, if occasionally immensely strained and somewhat questionable, relationship.

Imxii proved herself as a undercover spy. Despite officially being an analyist and researcher for the Eye on a public front, she was covertly working under the alias of Agent Stegga - a name coined after the covert communication tatic of steganography, and something she showed natural talent for along with cryptography. Imxii's background as a cultural researcher proved beneficial, as she quickly proved herself capable at social engineering. She employed her skills in counter-espionage, particularly against members of the Order of Whispers within Rata Sum.

Unfortunately, while she showed herself capable as an Eye agent, she did not take well to other areas where she needed to operate. While on a mission in Caledon to assist a local sylvari organization against both a terrifible plague in the area, and the Nightmare Court, the cracks began to show. The violence neccessary to carry out their tasks ate away at Imxii's resolve, and it eventually broke when she and Geffix struck out to find an asuran researcher who was in the area. During this search, Geffix attacked hostile hylek and other targets with brutal efficency. Between the violence itself, and Geffix being the one to deliver it, she snapped and fled into the jungle.

Geffix would later find her after Imxii revealed herself to help protect him from Nightmare Courtiers that he ran across while attempting to locate her. He was able to calm her and get her back to Rata Sum. The incident left a strong black mark on her record, and she was sent to a therapist before she could be sent on further field work.

She would eventually work past the trauma and even grow from it. It is what allowed her to face combat situations in the future, but the memories have lingered, and still do. Her career within the Arcane Eye continued, and she showed further successes.

The Battle of Lion's Arch

The renegade Sylvari named Scarlet had been terrorizing foreign parts of Tyria for some time. Her earlier strikes out against Kessex even held effects close enough to asuran territory to cause some concern. However, when reports came in to the Arcane Eye that Scarlet was planning to make a move against Lion's Arch, Imxii took notice. Unfortunately, very few others in the Eye, or on the Arcane Council did. Rata Sum made no effort to help, and even Lion's Arch itself seemed to brush off the threat.

Imxii could not ignore the threat to the asura who lived in the city. While she hoped it would result in nothing, Scarlet had previously shown herself to be dangerous. With an approved leave of absense, she made her way to Lion's Arch. She did not have long to wait until the attack game.

It was horrific, and far worse than she ever expected it would be. None of the Eye's reports, at least those she could access, prepared her for what happened. Imxii survived the attack, but a large number of Lion's Arch's civilians were not so lucky. Though, at the very least, a few more did than they would have if she hadn't been there. With a goal so clearly focused on saving lives, she did not fall into the same fear and horror that gripped her in Caledon.

She stayed in the refugee camps outside of Lion's Arch and continued to participate in rescue missions into the city as much as she could. During this time, she was recalled by the Eye back to Rata Sum. Yet, with so many people in need of help, she could not bring herself to leave. Even when the Eye sent Geffix to retrieve her, she rebuked him and refused to return, regardless of the consequences. Geffix left, telling the Eye he had not been able to find her.

Trikkzi, who had been a close friend of Imxii's for over a year despite her ties to the Inquest, arrived in one of the refugee camps outside of the city. Imxii confronted Trikkzi  - though fortunately without loudly revealing her friend's connection to the Inquest. It had been long known that the Inquest had supplied the Aetherblades with their technology, and Imxii could no longer ignore the metakrewe's crimes. Trikkzi, fortunately, agreed. Imxii connected Trikkzi with the Arcane Eye, by way of a message to Geffix, to assist in her leaving the Inquest.

She eventually returned to Rata Sum, where she met with her superior officer in the Eye, Inka. It seemed the Eye was under the impression she was among the wounded and unable to return. While unhappy she had been away for so long without word, Inka appeared thankful that she was still alive and he welcomed her back.

Instead, disgusted by how Rata Sum handled the Lion's Arch situation, Imxii resigned.

Freelance Adventurer

Left direcitonless again, Imxii found herself once more uncertain of what to do with life again. In an effort to employ her skill set while attempting to help other people, she made a very brief attempt attempt at becoming an information broker. While that did help her lead a number of Inquest members to freedom from the metakrewe, once more by connecting them to Geffix and the Eye, she quickly realized that espionage inherently required compromises that she was unwilling to make. As she began to find herself drawn into frightening, twisting plots, she ended her fledgling business.

Instead, she settled on being a freelance adventurer. This, of course, was really not much of a plan. It provided her little in the way of income, even if she could rely on Geffix, although it did allow her to feel fairly good about herself. While Geffix did offer to help her come up with alternative ideas, including joining the Priory or a mercenary krewe, Imxii's disillusionment with the Eye was still too strong for her to place her trust in another organization.

She did what she could to help local asura in Metrica and Rata Sum. She also set her sights on exposing corruption in the Rata Sum government, and to work against the Inquest. Those tasks, however, were far beyond her capability as a single person and she never met with any success.

The Priory

Following reports of strange activity west of Brisban, Imxii decided to strike out to explore the area. She also dragged along her friend Trikkzi, who had been laying low since deapturing the Inquest, in an attempt to help her find some direction of her own. What they found, however, were crashed Zephyrites and some incredibly strange vines.

When those very same vines began to pop up across other parts of Tyria, both of them became even more interested, and concerned. Following the attacks on Fort Salma, Concordia, and even the asuran Waypoint system, Imxii became focused on the threat. This was something far bigger and more deadly than corrupt councilors, and working for change in Rata Sum would mean nothing if it were torn from the sky. Imxii put aside her distrust for large organizations - and for the Pact, in particular - and she joined the Durmand Priory.

Half a year of study and field training later, she was promoted from Novice to Explorer. Imxii found herself stationed in the Silverwastes as the Pact began to push out against Mordemoth's minions in the region. Following a brutal attack on the Pact's primary base in the region, she was left wounded and most of her immediate colleagues dead. Imxii applied for a reassignment to the Sanford Cabal, a group of priory explorers whose focus seemed to align well with her own. She was accepted into the Cabal and is currently still a member.