General Information

  • Full Name: Ida 
  • Pronounciation: [I-dah]
  • Aliases: N/A
  • Gender: Female
  • Age Apperance: Looks to be in her late teens to early twenties.
  • Real Age: 22


  • Eye Color: Pitch black
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Build: Small, thin, and fragile.
  • Height: 3'1 feet
  • Weight: 52 pounds
  • Wardrobe: Usually dark robes or dresses.
  • Other features: N/A

Education and Career


  • College: N/A. Private Instruction
  • Intelligence: Interpersonal and Logical


  • Inquest Sector #291: Testing Assistant [? ? ?]
  • Kipptech Mobile Applications: Scientist and Supervisor [Shutdown]
  • Sword and Quill: Researcher


  • Childhood: From a young age, Ida lived a relatively normal life with her parents as a single child. Her mother and father got along in all respects except for the fact that her mother was an Inquest sympathizer. The two parents tried not to let this fact interfere with their admiration for their genius, but this sympathy soon sprouted into the mother's desire to join the Inquest. From that point on, the two did nothing but fight, not even over the idea of her joining, but the fact of what would happen to Ida. The decision was made for the young progeny as in the heat of the argument, a surge of lighting from her mother's hands ended her father's life. It was hard to tell if the mother regretted it or not as she took the young girl by the hand and fled the scene. But, from the stone look that soon molded her face afterwards, it would appear that Ida would never know.
  • Gw719
    Within the confines of the Inquest facility her mother now lived in, Ida was treated relatively below average, but never bad. Her mother's comfort soon became less frequent as the weeks went on and she became more invested in her work with the Inquest then with her daughter. Her obsession soon grew to turn on the child and Ida soon found herself part of the experiments her mother wished to conduct. Her experiments were on the idea that if people embody magic, then changing the body that manipulated it could perhaps change the magic output. Her mother began injecting chemicals into her body that slowly manipulated her blood. Ida's bright auburn hair fell out before growing in black, and her eyes became sunken and even lost function for several days before she could see again, only to find her eyes were black and her skin was pale. This treatment went on for several years before it was discovered that her mother was correct. There had been a change in Ida's ability to shapeshift as a necromancer. But before her mother was able to exploit this, Ida had managed to escape.
  • Recent: Once on the run for several days, she had managed to stumble into a group from an Asura krewe, Kipptech. They took her in and assigned Kkalk to tutor her in the meanwhile. Remaining relatively introverted and quiet after her years of being manipulated, she found that her time there and the friends she made allowed her to open up. Once meeting Borril, it felt as if her past had been completely casted behind her and she's since them moved on from the events of her childhood to make her own family, hoping to learn from her mother and father's mistakes.



  • Borril: Ida's husband and helping her as parents of two, these two have had history back when Ida had first worked in Kipptech. What started out as bumbling and trying to keep her out of trouble eventually turned into a geniune bond. He's always tried to help with her introversion around others, but always seems to find her mewling just as alluring (and cute) as when she's able to stand up for herself.
  • Yetta and Terra: The newly born twins now daughters of Ida, they are still infants right now so the most they do to contribute to Ida's life is busying her with caring for them. Despite this, she always makes time to be with them as well as introducing them to their new extended family of Asura and others alike.
  • Glenna [Mother]: Ida's mother, the two haven't spoken since she managed to take her leave from the laboratory. Glenna was a very talented Aeromancer and combined Air and Water to manipulate the weather around her. She found Oola's philosophies on how people embody magic to be a sparking influcence on her research with trying to see if altering the magic or the body of a person would change the vice versa.
  • Torrlox [Father. Deceased]: Ida's father had passed away by the hands of her mother when she was young. She was old enough to remember the incident, but was too young to remember much else about him other then his demise. She recalled that what sparked the incident was the father's insistence with staying away from Inquest influence and attempting to take Ida away from her mother.

Friends [Asura]:

  • Kkalk: Her mentor in Kipptech, he taught her all she knew at the time about golemancy and even tried to get her to delve into creating genetically engineered viruses. He was more interested in time travel as it seemed. An enigmatic figure in Ida's life, despite being one of her closest technical friends at the time, he has only recently made a comeback after she had her progeny with Borril. His morality leaves her in a very uncomfortable situation with him when it comes to what he wants to accomplish in his research, but for the most part, they have no problems with each other.
  • Litioch: An old friend from Kipptech, she always found her to be almost an older sister figure though very much enigmatic and having different moral views like Kkalk, though perhaps less so. She's recently not been seen for a while and Ida hopes that she's safe and well.
  • Yimyeta: Met during her time in Kipptech and now one of her closest friends and allies, Yimyeta is much like a mother figure she never had. Even going to the extent of having her as a midwife when she was pregnant with the twins. Though Yimyeta has found herself to be much more open as time as gone on, Ida still feels hurt that she's shut out of most of Yimyeta's ongoing life. She hopes one day, Yimyeta recovers from these long few months of personal loss and returns to help more with the progeny.
  • Spokko: Met through Kipptech as well as Borril when he was promoted in the company, her views on Spokko are those of mild intimidation and respect. Though she has not personally gotten to know him well enough to make any sort of claims about him, she finds that he is a brilliant golemancer and scientist.
  • Ooja: Also met through Borril, Ida finds that keeping herself shut in her lab makes it hard to catch up with friends such as Ooja, but from what times they were able to visit, she finds Ooja to be a warm friendly face that she's always happy to see. Not only being strong but intelligent is something that Ida admires in the Golemagical krewe member greatly. She hopes that she can venture out and find Ooja to catch up and perhaps introduce her to the progeny.

Friends [Non-Asura]

  • Kiba Tyrantfire: One of the first Non-Asura allies and friends Ida made, she was an older charr that had been leading a fahrar. She had met her through Kkalk, who had requested that Ida train under her to gain more confidence and ferocity in her personality. This went on for many months and at a point it did improve her ability to handle stress and panic as well as illiminating her stutter. Once the older charr was expecting a cub however, Ida began to see her less until now, which is not at all.
  • Boreas and Sarah Strathorne: Met through Borril and Yimyeta, Ida was able to meet the human couple before and after they were married. Although she cannot say she's known them well enough to form any confident opinions about them as people, she sees them as nice and sincere. She wishes them the best in making their own family now that they are married and hopes to see them more frequently.

Other Information

  • Current Residence: Ida presently lives in Rata Sum with Borril. Their house unit is connected to their lab.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Blood Type: ? ? ?
  • Preferred Hand: Right
  • Martial Status: Married.