This is a quick guide of how to treat information on this wiki and how to approach editing pages created by other players.

In Character (IC) and Out of Character (OOC) Information on the Asurapedia

Being that there is no standard outlay for a character profile or any other type of page, there is a lot of variety among how they are created and the amount of information a page provides. Since some articles may contain information that would be considered secret/not-publicly-known  assume any information encountered on the Asurapedia to be OOC knowledge unless specifically stated otherwise. By doing so, you can help avoid any issues that may occur with IC/OOC misunderstandings.

Wiki Ettiquette

Wikis encourage the involvement of the entire community, and as such, anyone can edit nearly any page. If someone edits your page and removes/adds something you did not want to remove or add, assume the edit was made in good fath. If you revert it and it occurs again, simply politely message the editor or use the page's disccussion page to indicate why as the page's author you do not feel that that specific edit is necessary/wanted for your page.

In the event where you beleive that someone is maliciously editing a page of yours, do not contact them but instead contact one of the wiki's administrators and tell us what is being done and why you believe the acts are malicious.