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(Art by Morgen)


Undergoing a massive retcon with her class, abilities, and backstory. Her actual In-Game-Name is currently Memree, but will be changed back to Heemi when I can (I still have the name reserved on a different character).


Heemi is generally kind, but often her kindness is merely percieved as her being horribly nosy, which isn't necessarily false...


Heemi had her earliest parts of her progenyhood filled with bullying and teasing due to her inability to grow hair, which is marked as rapidly decreasing phenotype within asuran culture. At age 5, when she discovered her Necromantic abilities, she began showing them off to the other progeny, laughing as they ran away from her bone minions while screaming their little heads off.

Naturally, counciling followed, and after many sessions it was deemed that she was merely a mildly vengeful person whom had been pushed to her limits. 

Though the bullying to her face ended, many of the other progeny remained scared of her for a few years afterwords.

Upon attending college, Heemi was suddenly thrust into greatness as one of the professors's assistants. Said professor was held in high regard by the college of statics as a whole, but had a reputation for being an quite an eccentric because he fasioned fantastical structures that he saw in dreams, often out of very unusual materials.

Upon graduating from Statics, Heemi went on to build design many small living structures, and many more pieces of art, often using decidedly dark or necromantic themes in her artwork.

She is currently employed as a lab assistant in Golemagical Applications, which she refers to as a "Day Job", her true loves being painting and sculture.


Heemi is a Necromancer, and as such has standard necromantic weapon training, in which all weapons are used as Focii for her spells. In addition, she has quite the reserve of minions, located within the plane of Grenth, which can be summoned as she pleases. Heemi re-uses the souls of the constructs she makes, allowing her to summon them for companionship purposes in addition to using them in battle, without having to worry about them being permanently dead. She also has an astounding amount of control over her flesh, and is able to preform warrior-like feats of strength for short periods of time before exhausting herself. 

Bait & Switch

Heemi's Bone Minions. Bait typically wears a Red neck scarf, while Switch lacks any apparel.