Gray Kaizure [Former] was an insane Inquest High Inquisitor who would oversee multiple krewes and make sure they'd stay in line. If anyone gave the Inquest a bad name or would be overly stupid, Gray would step in to teach them a lesson. He specialized in torture and interrogation. His origins are unknown, though he describes his existence in the world as being the result of an Infinity Ball miscalculation. Therefore, it's safe to presume Gray was from an alternate reality.

Gray Kaizure V2 is a fallback system Gray had in place in case anyone would ever try to destroy him. However, V2 did not activate at the time of Gray's demise and was later discovered by Biomechanic Tapp. As a result, V2 was tampered with heavily and upon finally being released, Gray Kaizure V2 was vastly different than his original self.

This page is set up to serve as V2's character page, now that Former is deceased.




Months ago, during the Snaff Savant's tampering with his Infinity Ball, they managed to contain one portal... but the Infinity Ball opened more portals than intended. These portals appeared in various locations around Tyria, though it is hard to say just how many appeared. Through one of these portals, Gray Kaizure stepped through along with his mentor.

As time went by, Gray began to realize how vastly different this world was from his own, though he was proud to see that the Inquest still existed. He joined immediately and began to work his way up through the ranks. However, Gray realized very quickly that his krewe leader was a fool and so Gray decided to handle him the way he handles all fools: by ripping them apart. Shortly after, Gray was given leadership over the krewe because nobody would oppose him in fear they'd suffer the same fate as their former leader. Gray began to rise through the Inquest ranks quickly, using fear as his advancement strategy.

However, Gray eventually was given leadership over a krewe full of imbeciles and he started to push them harder and harder in an effort to force them to be more competent. They however rebelled against him and eventually started to hunt him. As a result, Gray decided to ensure that his legacy would live on by studying cloning. It was a process that had been studied before, but never mastered. Gray knew there was a chance that he could meet his demise if the krewe he led would try to overthrow him, so he felt it best to ensure another Gray would be present just in case.

Upon Gray's demise however, his creation did not activate as intended. As a result of the creation laying in stasis, the memories within its mind began to deteriorate and it became a shell of who Gray once was. Eventually, Tapp located the V2 and he began doing his own experiments on the Gray clone. He knew how the krewe would react if Gray returned as the Gray they knew, so he decided it would be better to give this Gray some purpose beyond wanting to harm others. His intended purpose, while a horrible purpose, was better than a death sentence in his opinion. After Tapp departed, the V2 awakened and eventually found its way to Rata Sum.

The V2's history is ready to begin...


Gray Kaizure is a tall, scrawny Asura with grey skin, dark chocolate eye patch marks, and ghoulish yellow eyes with a slit down the center. He possesses black hair which is medium length and spiky.

Upon his back, Gray has multiple metal connectors that would allow him to hook himself back up to his stasis cell in case he suffered severe injuries and needed to heal. The back of his neck also has a scar of sorts, though it is unknown if this was caused by Tapp or somebody else. It appears to be the result of an assassination attempt or an incision, though it is unclear which.

While V2 appears to be in his early twenties, his mentality is somewhat lessened. Due to growing in a stasis cell, V2 doesn't understand the world as well as his Former. He doesn't understand a lot of things and much like a firstborn Sylvari, he needs to learn as he goes.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Tremendous strength as a result of artificial upgrades provided by Tapp. Capable of lifting a fully grown Norn if he wanted to.
  • Loyal
  • Friendly
  • Skilled with necrotic powers, a result of his relation to Former.
  • Skilled with blades, particularly daggers.
  • Enjoys helping people
  • Compassionate


  • Weak willpower
  • Cannot stand up for himself
  • Terrified of everyone in the Inquest, including his allies
  • Stutters
  • Mentally Challenged
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Naive
  • Looks like Former Gray and is hated for that
  • Easily Frightened
  • Nervous

Friends & Enemies


  • None


  • None

Questions & Answers

Q: Wasn't Gray killed?

A: Yeah. That's the point of the "Former Gray" and "V2 Gray" stuff. V2, which is this character, is a cloned version of Gray that was tampered with.

Q: Why do you keep remaking Gray instead of just killing him?

A: Because there's a lot of history with the name and I don't feel comfortable getting rid of it.

Q: Is there cloning technology in canon?

A: No. But I didn't want to do yet another Infinity Ball story, and I wanted to have a legitimate reason for V2 to be immediately in IQRX.

Q: Why bother killing Gray if you were just going to bring him back?

A: I know, I know. I preach to people that they shouldn't kill characters and instead should just have them disappear somewhere. But the reason I killed Former Gray and had V2 as a clone is because I've tried remaking Gray several times and always as an evil character, but that idea never works for some reason. So I finally just decided to make Gray a nice character and see how that works out.

Q: What if I've encountered Gray before in the past?

A: You encountered Former Gray. You can still react to V2 as though he's Former, but he won't recognize you.

OOC Notes