Personal Information

Name: Mekkra (Golemancer Mekkra)

Aliases: Chief Assistant Mekkra (Former title)

Age: Twenty-seven

Race: Asura

Gender: Female

Residence: Rata Sum, variable Inquest laboratory if on an assignment far away. 

Religious/Spiritual views: Eternal Alchemy (Inquest interpretation)

Profession: Mesmer


College of Synergetics (Alumna) Inquest


Height: Taller than average

Build: Not very large, but not particularly small either.

Eye colour: Off-white

Hair: Teal

Skin: Cream

Other information

Mekkra has developed an abandonment complex as a result of the string of abandonments she experienced in her early life. As such, she has a difficult time forming solid emotional bonds with other people due to a fear of having those bonds severed. When she is successful in forming a bond, she will become very adamant about ensuring that it remains intact, and will thus be quite protective, and even a little clingy.

Biographical Information


Mekkra never knew her parents. Only months after her birth, both her mother and father were murdered in a side street of Lion’s Arch for the gold in their pockets while on their way home after a party. When their bodies were found the next morning, their only daughter, still a baby, was temporarily taken into the care of her grandparents. Unknowingly, she had become a participant in a social experiment of theirs. It was then, still as a baby, that she first met her cousin, Thomm. When it was decided that he was to be raised in a family, and Mekkra was to grow up without one, she had to be moved into the care of the Rata Sum Progeny Protective Services.  Growing up in an orphanage greatly affected Mekkra’s views of the world. She did make friends, and she did try to be as friendly as she could, but she was never adopted, as potential adoptive parents she interviewed with found her to be a little too destructive, a little too sadistic. One by one, as the years carried on, her friends in the orphanage were taken in by new guardians. She became lonelier and lonelier, and her chances of adoption became lower and lower. At the age of twelve, a couple had a choice between Mekkra, and her best friend, Zeppi, another girl whom Mekkra had known for as long as her memory could stretch. The couple decided on Zeppi, leaving Mekkra behind. Mekkra soon became jealous and eventually a little resentful of her former friend after Zeppi stopped answering to her letters. Upon reaching her early teens, the orphanage staff began paying less attention to Mekkra, needing to tend to the younger progeny. When she finally had to leave the orphanage, as she was old enough to attend college, she felt more abandoned than she ever had in her life.


Mekkra out of uniform

Young adulthood-recent

Mekkra performed well at the College of Synergetics, but she found herself to be unmotivated. She felt as though there was nowhere her life could go, and that she would end up in a boring, unchallenging job for the rest of her life. Living in the college dormitory proved to be very different than the orphanage where she had spent all of her life. Rather than trying to be friendly and social, as she had previously, Mekkra’s new, cynical view of the world caused her to keep to herself, usually studying. It was in college that she heard of the Inquest, through one of their recruiters. To Mekkra, the Inquest seemed like a new start. Where a normal Krewe would disband after completion of whatever project it formed to do, the Inquest would move on to another project, and Mekkra would not need to worry about being abandoned again. To her, the Inquest would act as the family she never had. With a new future in mind, Mekkra put in as much effort as she possibly could to excel in Synergetics, and graduated with a major in Golemancy. As soon as she was out of College, she applied for a position in one of the Inquest’s krewes, and quickly got an entry-level job as a technician. It was around this time that Mekkra built her companion, MEK-225, a golemite designed to perform logistical services such as document transport, light load-bearing, and moderate self-defense. She eventually found her way to being assigned to the laboratories of the Infinity Coil. By this time, Mekkra had become a proficient golemancer. When Pact forces came to put an end to Inquest research in the Crucible of Eternity, her krewe was among the first to face the brunt of Pact troops as they stormed the Coil. Mekkra surrendered to them without much of a fight, and was taken prisoner. She was kept in dismal conditions, faced abuse by Asuran Pact members, and was subjected to several interrogative sessions. She was released a short time after Zhaitan’s defeat, and slowly made her way back to surviving elements of the Inquest.

Significant Relationships

Thomm - Having been without a family for her entire life, Mekkra was filled with a kind of joy she had never felt before when Thomm informed her that they were blood-related cousins. They maintain a friendly competitiveness with each other. Both have, for example, put firearms to the other's head, but Mekkra would never intentionally cause harm to Thomm's person unless it were unavoidable.