Records of Geife from more than ten years ago are missing.

Name: Geife

Race: Asura

Class: Elementalist

Gender: Female

Age: Older than you might think

Birthplace: Rata Sum?

Residence: N/A

Education: N/A


Ears: Very long ears of medium girth

Eyes: Bright white eyes with pitch black wide pupils

Hair: Golden Honey cropped style with a large forelock on left side (known to get frazzled)

Height: Incredibly short

Weight: Very light

Build: Lean

Skin: Black skin with bright white spots and speckles

Face: Flat forehead, low, wide, and flat nose, no chin


Geife is very energeic and has a tendency to break personal space barriers. She loves to have a good time and a laugh, especially if she can share it. Though she has no home of her own, she takes her celebraing nature wherever she finds herself. She is extremely affecionate, even if it is not returned or makes the other person uncomfortable.

Not having a technical education makes Geife not fit as well around other Asura, she enjoys their company, but becomes lost when it comes to research and theories. With her large ears and lacking education, Geife is both attracive and ugly to other asura.


There are records of a pair of asura seeking help for a birth defect of extremely large ears and precollege troubles, but that's just assumed to be the same Asura, the name was Geef on the reports. It was extremly violent. Nothing was heard of that progeny.

Geife was raised in Hoelbrak and will boast her ability to drink and have a good time. This lead to many of her vagrant ways, including her desire to be nude or mostly so.

At the age of 23 Geife eloped with a sapling sylvari, leading to a rather experimental and fatal relationship.

Geife registered herself as an adventurer a few years later and has been traveling Tyria.

Four years ago Geife was noted as missing for a few seasons, but was found nearly dead washed up on Claw Island. She clung to a log with a few belongings tied to it. One of the objects was an egg.