Evil [-----+----] Good
Chaotic [-------+--] Lawful

Basic Information

Reported Powers and Abilities

Geffix has been recorded to have used the following arsenal in combat situations:

  • Use of medium armor
  • Asuran energy rifles and pistols with heavy modifications; occasionally, a shield
  • Incineratorix Mk. VI flamethrower
  • A wide array of Charr defensive turrets extensively modified with Asuran technology
  • A small selection of elixirs suited for combat situations
  • Super Fluid Spewer SS model elixir gun
  • A wide array of grenades, bombs, mines and other portable explosive devices
  • Two emergency response golems: One 7-Series assault model, One D-Series defensive model
  • Bookah Blaster 2.0 mortar
  • A very large wrench

Reported Weaknesses

Geffix has few reported weaknesses that differ from that of an average Asura. He is overly fond of the company of female asura, which has caused him trouble on more than one occasion. In short, he is a womanizer.

History and Timeline

1300 - 1319

Geffix is born in Rata Sum as the first progeny of Geff and Xia of the College of Synergetics' Bookah Studies Krewe. He began assisting his parents with their research when he was old enough to comprehend the kind of work they were undertaking. By the age of eight he had become a valuable lab assistant. Not long after his eighth birthday, his younger sister Xeffi was born. Geffix continued working under the mentorship of his parents until he deemed himself prepared to attend one of the three prestigious colleges of Rata Sum.

Geffix followed in the footsteps of his parental units and apprenticed under them in the College of Synergetics. Geffix graduated several years later with a focus on the roles "bookahs" may play in the Eternal Alchemy. As his graduation approached, he submitted his thesis, "Charr, Humans, and Ascalon: Why the Asura Should Care About Petty Ancestral Claims on Faraway Terrain", to a College of Synergetics' contest judged by High Councilor Flax on the Alchemy's role in the future of Asura-Bookah relations. Geffix's thesis was chosen as one of three winners. On Scion 46, 1319 A.E., Geffix received a personal letter from the high councilor commending his insightful work and encouraging him to continue his studies for the benefit of Rata Sum.

1319 - 1322

Geffix unintentionally joins the Bloodtide Batteries mercenary guild when researching inter-bookah relations in Lion's Arch for the Sociology Meta-Krewe. Geffix soon after discovers a love of explosive weaponry and his research is postponed. In 1322 after completing a costly contract, the mercenary guild disbands. During his time with the mercenary guild, Geffix became friends with the Norn warrior Ælfgar Kegsbane. Not much is known about Geffix's time as a mercenary in Lion's Arch.

1322 - 1326

Geffix answers an ad by the late Baron Markus Eldeste looking for Asuran technology to implement in the defense of his estate. Geffix is hired and spends the next four years maintaining a perimeter of defensive turrets for the Eldeste Estate. Since the new job provides ample free time for him, he began pursuing some of his original research once more.


Seasons  Zephyr through Scion

Following several distressing incidents where Avalere became hopelessly lost in here adventures, Geffix was made Commander of the Eldeste Expedition in part due to his previous combat experience, but largely due to his ability to properly read and comprehend a map. He remained the expedition's commander until it was disbanded.

While Geffix joined the Valiant Crest after its formation, his involvement in the guild and his communication with Lady Avalere dropped significantly since the latter's move to Lion's Arch. While he stated that he did not support Avalere's decision to cast off the mantle of baroness, he is generally indifferent in regards to the young Cluadette Eldeste being the new baroness. During the time since Avalere's deposition, Geffix created a healthy working relationship with Rata Sum's law enforcement agencies, though queries into the nature of the relationship have been repeatedly dismissed.

Season of the Colossus

On the 8th day of the season of the Colossus, his cousin Taarax was kidnapped by a group of bandits as Geffix and Ghesh were escorting her to a secure lab in Brisban. Geffix would spend the near entirety of the season working with the Valiant Crest and the Peacemakers to recover his missing cousin and see her abductors brought to justice. During the search for Taarax, Geffix and the Valiant Crest first traced Taarax's disappearance to a group of bandits based in the Harathi Hinterlands. From there, their investigation led them into a confrontation with the mysterious woman known only as"E". After defeating her, E revealed that an Inquest krewe had transported Taarax out of asuran territory on someone's behalf.

Following their lead regarding the Inquest, the Valiant Crest encountered Inquest Naughty Nautical krewe and their leader, Director Dittzi, in Rata Sum. Geffix made the mistake of seducing the mentally unstable Dittzi in order to obtain information regarding Taarax's whereabouts. When the deranged Dittzi attacked the docks of Rata Sum with her giant Aether Gear golem, she managed to kidnap Geffix before retreating to an unknown location. Geffix has not spoken much about his time as Dittzi's prisoner. Whatever happened there, Geffix recovered Taarax from the same location he was being held, killed Dittzi, and made his escape.

Given an anonymous tip, Geffix and members of the Valiant Crest headed to Metrica to confront a rogue Aetherblade commodore, Walvus Skyfang, as he attempted to steal the Soren Draa Peacemaker golems. In a vicious and brutal battle, the Valiant Crest was narrowly defeated by a hologram of the rebellious Aetherblade leader. A progeny, Geffix's alleged illegitimate child, who hsd previously been taken hostage, was murdered by Skyfang as the group lay fallen.

Not long after the crushing defeat, the mysterious E delivered information to Geffix regarding the location of the Inquest leader responsible for ordering the kidnapping of Taarax, an individual known as "The Source." The recovered Valiant Crest set out to Bloodtide and engaged a trio of The Source's most powerful lieutenants battle, defeating them. However, they discovered that they had arrived too late to arrest the mastermind, and that another assassin, a female asura encountered by Avalere before, had slain him; the mysterious Inquest member took his intricate knowledge of the organization to his grave. Since the assassin had also perished in the battle, a male asura, her supposed lover, wept over her body. Geffix arrested the asura, returning him to Rata Sum. The individual was soon after released after it was determined he was not affiliated with The Source in any fashion.

With Skyfang still on the loose, a trap was set to deal the final blow to the wicked sky pirate. After his airship was shot down, Geffix and the norn Ilkir fought the commodore in a near-fatal encounter, ultimately emerging victorious. Following Skyfang's and the Source's deaths, there remained no more leads on groups or individuals involved in Taarax's abduction that the group could pursue.


In the days and weeks following Taarax's return, Geffix returned to working with the Peacemakers. During the Season of the Zephyr, the megalomaniacal sylvari prodigy Scarlet Briar launched devastating attack and razed the free city of Lion's Arch. While many members of the Valiant Crest went to aid the city its populace, culminating in Scarlet's final defeat, Geffix remained in Rata Sum, putting his own home city's safety over all else. Continued queries into the nature of Geffix's working relationship with Rata Sum's law enforcement groups still remained unanswered.

He and the Crest soon after began the process of recovering the Egress. The Crest clashed with the wicked Claudette Eldeste in the Maguuma Wastes and successfully recovered the hammer and defeated her for good.

Not long following the Egress' recovery, he fell out of contact with members of the Crest for a period of time.


Season of the Zephyr

During the Season of the Zephyr, Geffix reunited with Avalere and the rest of the Crest. At some point during his absence, he had cancelled his contract to work with Rata Sum's Peacemakers and began work again as a mercenary. Geffix began assisting Avalere and the Crest in the pursuit of a group of Nightmare Courtiers who were attacking caravans and stealing magical artifacts on the Lion Road. The Crest, along with Lionguard assistance, defeated the sinister Courtier Irvilia on Zephyr 68.

Curriculum Vitae

Geffix, "Charr, Humans, and Ascalon: Why the Asura Should Care About Petty Ancestral Claims on Faraway Terrain," 1319 A.E.

--, "Do Bookahs Dream of Dumber Sheep?: An Analysis of the Dreams of Bookahs in Relation to the Eternal Alchemy," 1323 A.E.

--, "Building a Better Bookah: What the Future of Golemancy Means for the Lesser Races," 1324 A.E.

--, Super Skritt Smasher 1080PX3, Rata Sum Patent No. D3437578, Filed Zephyr 23, 1319 A.E., Issued Colossus 34, 1325 A.E.

--, "Miscreants in the Hands of an Angry Diety: How to Properly Convince Grawl, Skritt, and Other Annoyances to Exterminate Themselves," 1325 A.E.

Geffix, Zajhirix, "A Brief Study in Bookah Bonding When Confronted with Non-Bookah Opposition: Avalere Eldeste and Seldi Witt v. Geffix and Zajhirix," 1326 A.E.

OOC Notes

  1. Age and related dates subject to change based on release of information regarding average age of graduation from an asuran college.