Evil [-----+----] Good


Chaotic [--------+-] Lawful


~ Full and complete name: Doxxsi

~ Race: Asura

~ Gender: Female

~ Age: 26

~ Profession:  Mesmer

~ Titles of any sort:  Cerebral Architect

~ Crafting Disciplines: Tailor


~ Eyes: Bright Lilac

~ Hair: Teal

~ Facial appearance: Round and pale with a large section of discolored skin over her right eye.

~ Skin color and appearance: Pale with large splotches of brown.

~ General body build: Short and average.

~ Armor of choice: She prefers luxurious clothes in rich colors.  Rarely is she without a hat with ear coverings.

~ Additional trinkets or items carried:


~ The specialization/disciplines: Domination/Dueling/Illusions

~ Skill set: Glamours [Basics]/Time Warp [Elite]/Signet of Ether [Heal]

~ Combat style: Utilization of clones and confusion.

~ Mastery of their class: Advanced

~ Pre-prime, in their prime, or post-prime: Almost in their prime.

~ Prefered weapon(s): Scepter/Torch & Staff

~ Special abilities or unusual skills: Highly intelligent clones.


~ Place of birth: Rata Sum

~ Current home(s): Rata Sum

~ Involvement with any associations, guilds, or militias: None at this time.

~ Known family members, and their relation to the character: 

~ Relationships, past or present: If she has or had any relationships, she's done well to keep it away from the public eye.

~ Notable friends, comrades, associates, etc: None at this time.

~ Any enemies, villains, or rivals, and how did this come to be: None at this time.


~ College attended/attending:

~ Majors: Psychology

~ Minors: Interpersonal relations, Sociology, and Magi-Programming

~ Notable Inventions: Her AI system for hyper-intelligent clones.  Regrettably, it exists all in her head in a quite literal fashion, causing her to be a bit scattered.

~ Secret Projects: Romance novels.  Her main research tends to not bring in much money, but she has found that her hobby makes up where her research fails to garner interest.  Too nervous to let the world know her passions, she publishes her work under the pen name of 'Confidential'.


~ Archetype: 

~ Distinctive personality traits:

~ General happiness, 1-10:

~ Social level 1-10:

~ Reaction their own race:

~ Reaction the neighboring races:

~ Reaction the lesser races:

~ Any exceptions to these:

~ General reaction upon meeting a stranger:

~ Defining flaws/quirks:

~ Greatest Enjoyments:

~ Fears and hates:

~ 1 Optimist, 10 Pessimist, 1-10:


~ Birth scenario:

~ Progenyhood/Precollege years:

~ College years:

~ Post-graduation:

~ Adulthood: