Basic Info

Name: Dojje

Alias: Lily

Occupation: Peacemaker Cadet

Date of Birth: Day 54 of the Scion, 1289


Eyes: Medium Brown

Hair: Black

Skin: Baked Doughnut

Face: Her most noticeable trait by far is the sheer massive size of her head and ears. Along with that, a soft pink splotch sits over her right eye just below her messy, curly hair. The hair itself is either tied up or decorated with simple cloth strips in an attempt to control it or covered outright by an old, raggety bandana. Occassionally, especially during formal events, she will wear a lily flower in her hair. A much closer look would find make-up on her, trying to cover little wrinkles that are begining to form around her eyes. 

Body: Gigantic is the only way to descibe her. Towering over most asura, her armor conciels rippling muscles as well, looking much stronger than most asura. She would be heavy as well, even without her armor due to her massive size and strong musculature. Her back, if anyone where to ever see it, would contain considerable damage in the form of scars ranging from stiches to burns to whip marks. Besides a few on her forearms as well, she was done a good job of making her skin as smooth as can be despite her advancing age and battle experience.