Given Name: Dinny

Birthdate: 7th day of the Season of the Scion, 1304 AE (Currently 22)

Gender: Female

Residence: Rata Sum

Alma Mater: College of Statics

Occupation: Junior Peacemaker Officer

Profession: Guardian


Stands at approximately 3’3” high. Possesses cream-colored skin (no markings), pink eyes and exceptionally long ears. Her straight, dark brown hair is cut somewhat short, multi-layered and has a tendency to curl around her face. She has a medium, lightly-toned build due to her heavy armor. Her form is distinctly pear-shaped with a narrow, flat chest and wide-set hips. She also possesses a single piercing at the tip of her left ear, although she does not wear an earring in it whilst in armor or in uniform.


Education & Occupation

Received a standard/traditional broad spectrum education at Splorg Metamystics as a progeny. She was subsequently accepted into the College of Statics, following in the footsteps of her progenitors.

She is most known for her work on peacemaker weapons at the Mrot Boru facility, having discovered new enchantment alignments that could be applied to previous weapon designs, mitigating required output and allowing weapons to be used effectively in the absence of raw physical strength. A rumor also persists that she designed a prototype for an ‘escort’ golem.

Is currently a junior peacemaker officer, having joined the peacemaker force immediately after graduation, feeling that it was her only viable option. Her patrol rotations put her on duty at Rata Sum and Metrica Province. On rare occasions, she is also called out to Mount Maelstrom.

She takes her duties lightly and has perfected the art of escaping her peacemaker responsibilities without notice (usually). She has been on probation for several months following a string of incidents.


Born as an only child to a Priory librarian (father) and Priory explorer (mother) in the town of Soren Draa, Dinny was intimately involved with Priory activities from a young age and frequently traveled between Metrica Province and the monastery. Both graduates of the college of Statics, her parents harbor an intense reverence for the asuran civilizations of old, desiring to reclaim as much lost knowledge as possible. A large body of their research concerned the whereabouts of the old underground cities and, prior to Dinny’s birth, the couple made several efforts at an expedition to find a safe route into Quora Sum, but were driven back by destroyers on every attempt. Their particular avenues of research meant that, growing up, Dinny’s house was littered with ancient asuran artifacts and manuscripts. She also received elementary training in reading ancient asuran text, but is not fluent.

Although Dinny no longer lives with her parents and leads a more or less “separate life”, her relationship with them remains amicable. 

Abilities & Talents

Dinny harbors a natural aptitude toward defensive/preservation magic, and almost prodigious healing abilities. Though physically weak in battle and unlikely to be able to take down a formidable foe alone, she is incredibly durable and can endure much more than an asura of her size would ordinarily be able. Her healing magic speeds the recovery process of most ailments (e.g. enhanced rate of tissue regeneration on open wounds). However, in the absence of any formal honing of these abilities, Dinny's healing magic is much more potent on herself than when performed on another.

As a consequence of her parent's subpar cooking, Dinny is a reasonably competent self-taught chef. She prides herself on her ability to create something tasty and edible from strange or limited assortment of ingredients. Her speciality is desserts.

She claims to be able to communicate with oozes and understand their feelings, though others remain incredulous. Bizarrely, this doesn't seem to effect her decision to consume ooze-based foods and liquors.


Those close to Dinny would be quick to describe her as a relaxed, warm and affectionate personality. In contrast to many asura, she does not typically talk down to others and is generally approachable. She is strongly empathetic and moved by the plight of others, willing to dispense advice or lend a hand when needed. For better or worse, she is a shameless flirt in the company of members of her own race.

At her worst, she's puerile and immature, indecisive, simplistic and lazy. She is naive and suffers an almost complete inability to detect dishonest or ill-intentioned people, and is consequently somewhat easy to take advantage of and manipulate. As the only child to two very doting parents, even as an adult, she still sometimes carries a "princess-like" attitude, becoming infuriated and petulant when things don't go her way. Fortunately for her and those around her, they usually do.


Player Characters

Annachponae [Asura/Thief]: Dinny’s oldest friend, having met her at pre-college. Although he went on to study at the College of Synergetics, he and Dinny continued their friendship. They are exceptionally close, their bond almost resembling a brother-sister relationship.

Dustin Limbo /Doc Miller [Human/Mesmer/Elementalist]: A mysterious scholar from the Priory, rumored to be from a different time, having wandered the mists for over a hundred years. Due to his extensive travels and knowledge of the past, he is an indispensable asset to the Priory. However, he is unaware of how much Tyria has changed politically and socially. Dinny was directly tasked by Steward Gixx to act as something of a guide to him. She attempts to keep him out of trouble, but usually fails.

Rhisiart Santee [Human/Engineer]: A chance meeting had Dinny and Rhisiart cross paths at Brisban Wildlands, on one of Dinny’s non-patrol days. A seasoned traveler of Tyria, Dinny was fascinated by his myriad stories and saw in him an opportunity to satiate her desire to experience lands beyond the Maguuma Jungle. She has since been included in several of his questionable business ventures. She developed feelings for him and eventually married him in the winter of 1326 AE. The marriage was officiated by a priest of Kormir and held in private. Thus, no records of her marital status exist in Rata Sum, and she goes to great lengths to conceal her relationship from other asura.

Non-Player Characters

Steward Gixx : Because both of Dinny's parents are involved members of the Priory, Gixx has known Dinny from when she was a small progeny and was present for a sizeable portion of her upbringing. During periods of Dinny's early childhood, when her family would leave Soren Draa to reside in the monastery, he was known to spend time with her, challenging her with games and logic puzzles. At many points, he performed a disciplinary role in quiet hope that Dinny would not turn out as carefree and uninhibited as her father.

He has come to view Dinny as something of a 'niece' figure, though he would never openly admit it. He was the one who charged Dinny with being Doc Miller’s (Dustin’s) supervisor.

Professor Gorr : He tutored Annachponae throughout college on a semi-regular basis, and as a result, Dinny often had contact with him. She became enamored with him and regarded his intellect and body of research as an inspiration, also fascinated by his patient and kind demeanor. By graduation, she had fallen head over heels in love with him. Some time after joining the peacemaker force, he had new apprenticeship placements open, but Dinny talked herself out of submitting her curriculum vitae, unsure and despondent. The decision continues to weigh on her conscience as a missed opportunity.


  • Has trouble reading and writing in New Krytan, preferring to use asuran script wherever possible. Her handwriting in New Krytan resembles that of a child.
  • When dealing with non-asura, she will often stand on tables, stools, crates etc to elevate herself to the height of others. She does this even where it would be considered inappropriate, such as bar countertops in taverns.
  • Despite spending a good portion of her childhood at the Priory, she does not tolerate cold and snowy environments well at all. Like many asura, she enjoys the scathing heat of the Maguuma Jungle in summer and suffocating warmth inside volcanic mountains.