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Chaotic [-----+----] Lawful


~ Full and complete name: Clockk

~ Race: Asura

~ Gender: Male

~ Age: 40

~ Profession: Warrior

~ Titles of any sort: Former Padmavyuha Captain, Master of Temporal Theorem


~ Eyes: Green

~ Hair: Black

~ Skin color and appearance: Grey skin with the typical Asura facial markings

~ General body build: Unusually tall and quite muscular.

Appearance details: Clock has very large ears, forehead and eyes. He also has the typical Asura facial markings. He nearly always has a condescending expression on his face, either that or a scowl. He's also known to wear a large hat to keep his ears out of the way. As he is short sighted, he wears either glasses or a monocle.

~ Additional trinkets or items carried: He usually has his transient compressor backpack on him at all times. A back pack that holds unlimited space.


Clockk had a normal Asura upbringing. He was well cared for and given the best education possible. Growing up he had little to no friends, often being bullied for his hight, preferring instead to spending his time reading and listening to stories his father told him about the heroes of the past and the trials they went through. These stories fuelled his passion for seeking knowledge of the past to such a degree that he soon not only wanted to see these events for himself, but experience them as they happened, when they happened. Clockk attended the collage of Dynamics where he worked on his theory of time travel and he eventually managed to make a small viewing portal that lets people view a scene from the past for a very short time. The invention sparked enough interest that he managed to form a kerwe to build a bigger portal that would let you travel in time, however it was soon discovered that a large amount of energy was needed to sustain the portal. As time went on and no viable power source was found, the krewe eventually lost interest, leaving Clockk to work on his own.


Clockk has been working as a scientific adviser to anyone who needs advising to fund his research, as the council has cut off all funding since his krewe disbanded. He has also been looking for viable power sources for his time machine all across Tyria, though spending most of his time in his lab trying to get the time machine working. To get some coin together to carry on his research into his time machine, Clockk joined the Dragonbane Order and quickly became captain of Padmavyuha squad. After the Order disbanded Clockk joined the Seekers of the Forgotten as a councilor for way to further fun his projects.


Asura: Clockk thinks Asura are superior in all things and should be the masters of all of Tyria with all other races their underlings. Though he does not like the inquest and their methods, he sees the advancements they make and will approve of them, but not they ways in which they were gotten. Asura are also the only race where he will remember the names of the individuals.

Norn: Clockk calls Norn, Atlus Arduus. He finds the Norn to be barbaric, drunken brutes, and while he will interact with them and does to some degree admire their craftsmanship, he finds them to be simpletons.

Charr: Clockk calls Charr, Felis Catus. While Clockk quite admires the Charr, specifically their engineering and all other works, he would never show it. He does not like their attitude towards war and combat, finding it unnecessarily brutal, though he sees how this attitude has helped them progress in their technology.

Sylvari: Clockk calls Sylvari Viridiplantae. While it does not seem like it, Clockk loves the Sylvari as a race. He admires their curiosity, a trait he finds to be extremely endearing, and while some of their questions may frustrate him, he likes that they are always asking questions and trying to better themselves through knowledge and will answer any question put to him; although he does find their Philosophy about Ventari and his tablet to be questionable.

Humans: Clockk finds humans to be beneath him, although he does like learned and bookish humans and will humour them, it will be more like how adult looks over a child. He sees most humans as a lost cause.


Quirks: Clockk hates being called cute, and given his mood and who calls him it, will flat out attack someone for calling him so. He calls other races by scientific names that most of the races don’t understand, mostly because he can’t remember the name of an individual because he sees committing things like names to memory as unimportant. He has terrible aim, which may have something to do with his short sightedness.

Favoured beverage: Mango juice, but he mostly drinks water.

Favoured food: Mangos.

Favoured weather or season: He doesn’t care much about weather, but he likes the sun over the rain.

Favoured colour: Orange.

Hobbies: Clockk likes to tinker with clockwork gadgets, making anything out of gears.