What are Category Tags for?

Tags and the categories of which they are part of provide an important organizational structure for the Asurapedia and countless other wikis.

For example, if your character is a member of the the College of Synergetics, you can add the "College of Synergetics" tag to your character's page, that page will automatically be added to the Category:College of Synergetics registry. This page will allow you to view a list of all other asura who claim the College of Synergetics for their alma mater. All Category pages work in this fashion.

How do I Add Category Tags?

When creating a page, the location to add any necessary category tags can be found on the rightside toolbar below "Add features and media" section. Category tags can be found at the bottom of a published entry, and can be quick-added from there without having to open a page for edits.  When adding category tags, feel free to use as many as you feel are relevant to your character!