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About the Guild

Peacemakers of Rata Sum [PCRS] is an Asura Centric, medium-to-heavy RP Military/Intelligence/Law Enforcement themed Guild, based in Rata Sum, and the Rata Sum Territories. We strive to explore and grow the intricacies of Rata Sum’s Armed Forces and Police Force, whether it be large scale deployment of forces to oppose Nightmare Activities inMaguuma, covert actions against individuals in fields as far as Queensdale that pose a threat to Rata Sum’s strategic interests, or alerting you to our Golem’s broken tail light! Beyond Peacemakers and Arcane Eye Agents, we also recruit a variety of researchers and support staff! Enlist today, to do your part for Rata Sum, the Shining City – protect her, that floats upon the canopies, a beacon of progress, and a benchmark of development, for all Tyria to strive towards.

Roleplaying with PCRS

We are the Asura, lords of the deep domains that are now denied to us. Overwhelmed by numbers, power, and brute force, we have been forced to this open sunfilled world and forced to recreate our civilisation. That we have succeeded is a testament to the indomitable spirit and innate intelligence of our people. In every day and with every invention we rebuild our world and bend reality to match our needs. The eternal alchemy states that everything is interwoven, that the actions of a single Asura (of) one experiment can have wider implications throughout the world. We are all part of (the eternal alchemy), whether as cogs, pistons, wheels, springs, or arcanic crystals. The ultimate goal in life to comprehend (the) greater purpose of the eternal alchemy, and to strive inperfecting it

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