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The College of Dynamics is an asuran scholarly society. The members of this college are typically enthusiastic about their highly experimental work, spontaneously imagining potential solutions to problems no one else yet perceives. They are known for devising ingenious, highly unstable and equally unpredictable contrivances, always on the bleeding edge of asura high magitechnology. Members of the college believe that an experiment is only a failure if nothing is learned from it. Dynamics is known to have an acute interest in charr technology. [1]

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The asura of the College of Dynamics are best understood as the gizmo makers. Masters of swift, innovative problem solving, they tend to produce items that last only as long as they are necessary in order to make the next intuitive leap. They are energetic, enthusiastic, and impulsive, tending to start projects before researching the possible results. They love to figure out how other races do things in order to…appropriate…and improve upon that magical theory for their own purposes. An experiment is only a failure, their advisors say, if you don’t learn anything from it. When a member of the college speaks of his alma mater, they typically are speaking of the body of work, experiments, and thought that form a mental picture of the college’s achievements—the overall innovations that they have provided to the world. In the Eternal Alchemy, they are most often referred to as the tooth-gears and mainsprings of the universe.

Creations of the College of Dynamics: canoptic enhancers, lunographic fasteners, torque abjurers, enigmaticons, karmic pressure gauges, kinetic spellchurns, magiphysical armatures.[2]

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