General Information

  • Full name: Caecus Cleptes
  • Pronounciation: [Caw-eh-cuss Cl-ehp-tehs]
  • Aliases: 'Bat' 'Blindy' 'Caecus [Cae-cuss]'
  • Gender: Male
  • Age Apperance: Appears to be high twenties to low thirties.
  • Real Age: N/A 


  • Eye Color: Milky White
  • Build: Thin and narrow, lacking real muscle defintion, but tall.
    IMG 0385
  • Height: 3'11 feet
  • Weight: 89 pounds
  • Wardrobe:
  • Other features: The area around Caecus' eyes are scarred as well as his body having a few other bizzarely shaped markings along the sides of his body and arms.

Education and Career



  • College: N/A
  • College Major(s): N/A
  • College Minor(s): N/A
  • Intelligence: Lingustic, Kinesthetic, and Intrapersonal.

Organizations and Affiliations (Past and Present): 

  • Tactical Energonics Krewe [TEK]: Security Agent
  • Outriders Delivery Company: Assistant in Trades [Company Shutdown]
  • ???: N/A
  • Current Occupation(s): Tactical Energonics Krewe [TEK]


  • Childhood: N/A
  • Adolescence: N/A
  • College Years: N/A
  • Adulthood: Much of his history prior to his memory is obviously skewed.
  • Recently: The recent history of Caecus is the only history he's known. He woke up to the voice of a doctor recording his progress on his supposedly unconcious patient. The first thing he realized was that he couldn't see the doctor, he was blind. Once properlly roused and noticed, the doctor asked for a name to which he couldn't answer. He couldn't give him the date of his birth, where he lived, or anyone he knew. A supposedly 'temporary case of amnesia' was as the medical officer had put it, but as the weeks droned on with little to no progress, he decided to find help somewhere else. He took up a job with the security krewe TEK for the sake of funds as continued his search for who he was. The few allies he's made in his work and outside of it have contributed to the aid of some of his memories returning. But some of what he's learned only sparks more questions, leaving him in a very uneasy and frustrated state of mind.




Mother (Name: N/A): Graduated from Synergetics and an esteemed golemancer, Caecus can faintly recall strict teachings and a pre-determined career path set by his mother figure. She was a classic up-tight mother that simply wanted the best for her child, even if it meant forcing him to delve into sciences and studies he had absolutely no interest in.

Father (Name: N/A): Unsure where he graduated from. Caecus knows much less about his father, but he does recall that he lost custody over Caecus as a child when his parents were filing for a severage in their marriage contract. He can't remember what caused the severage or any fights that could have triggered it, but he recalled it wasn't exaclty a justified reason in his small child mind.

Uncle 1 (Name: N/A) [Deceased]: Although strange to recall, Caecus apparently had very close relations with his extended family before and after his parents' divorce. This uncle in specific was the oldest on his dad's side, already starting to sprout gray hairs. He was an engineer and enjoyed letting Caecus try on his large coats as well as taught him to shoot through his adolesent years. He had apparently died from nautral causes.

Uncle 2 (Name: N/A): This second uncle was the middle child on Caecus' mother's side. Caecus can't recall too much of this uncle, only that a majority of the time he was arguing with his mother during visits.

Aunt (Name: N/A): Caecus' only aunt (that he can currently remember) was also on his mother's side. However, the two didn't argue when they got together. Infact both of them shared very similar aspects in how they raised their children, his aunt perhaps being a bit more lenient over his mother. Even with Caecus' mother pressing Caecus into sciences and studies, his aunt always enjoyed teaching him about the smaller things in life, like how to cook and organize archive files.



Vielmatt: One of Caecus' closer friends as well as the one that hired him into TEK, the two have shared a few drinks and stories of work. As of recently, he hasn't heard much from the old fellow, but he still considers him a good friend that he can trust. He's begun attempting to contact him for means of catching up.

Rett the Blunt [Deceased]More a friend of a friend, meeting him through TEK and Vielmatt, the two didn't know each other well or for very long. Finding out about his death wasn't anything too tragic, but it wasn't great. He would have attended the funeral if there was one, but Caecus had heard horror stories about his adopted daughter whom still viciously guards his grave. So he left it at that.

Kress: His employer more then anything in TEK, Caecus had a strange facination with Kress and the story behind him. He'd been meaning to get to know him in a more professional manner, but a few events that took place ended up in his leaving, causing TEK to fall into a silence for the meantime. Curious, but willing to let Kress go, Caecus sees his boss neutrally. So long as he gets paid.

Doctor Elza: Met once again through TEK and Vielmatt, he finds a respect for someone in the healing arts. Although curious about the magic she uses, he doesn't tend to speak out about his questions. Having helped her on several occasions and seen her in difficult times, he'd liked to consider her a friend, even if the feelings may not be completely returned.

Nighlla: Caecus' second doctor and therapist in attempting to help with his amnesia, the two developed a relatively close bond in their visits together. After a few weeks of effective therapy however, she dropped off the face of the map. Last he's heard, she was on suicide watch and now lives with a krewe member whom is apparently her partner. He's felt rather hurt and even very furious at the fact that she simply forgot about him. Although he understood the circumstances of the suicide watch, he'd attempted to letter her after the fact with no reply. His attitude became a bit more sour after that experience, leaving him with the stubborn idea that he can piece together the rest of his identity without anyone's help.

However, he most likely uses this anger to hide the fear that everyone else he knows will begin to forget him as well, leaving him with the hollowed out sensation of starting on a blank slate once again, even after trying to build a new life for himself.

Aestetics: An apparent old aquaintance, Aestetics was one of the first and currently only person who knew anything about Caecus before his memory was lost. He had apparently worked with Aesteics in the Outriders company, with Aestietics being the boss in the delivery company. Later, Caecus soon found out, that Aestetics was also the cause of his memory loss. A surge of chaos magic caused by Aestetics with a device gone wrong caused a large shard of the chaos energy to hit him along the top of his skull. The magic, apparently still swirling in the more dormant parts of his head, is the cause of his amnesia as well as his frequent migranes.

Borril: A friend of Aesetics, the two don't know each other well, but he finds himself stumbling into him on occasions. He personally finds Borril a bit strange for an Asura and sometimes annoying. He secretly envys the Asura given he's a successful researcer with a wife and children on the way, but otherwise views him neutrally.

Other Information

  • Current Residence: Lion's Arch
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Blood Type: O+
  • Preferred Hand: Right
  • Martial Status: Single