Basic Information

  • Name: Borril
  • Race: Asura
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthdate: 36th day of the Zephyr, 1304
  • Profession: Guardian


Physical Appearance

  • Height: 3'6
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Skin: Brown
  • Eyes: Light Brown
  • Symbols/Markings: Five diamond marks on his forehead

A fairly average Asura in height and weight, Borril does not show any extensive marking from his usual armor that would have differentiated him from most other Asura. Fairly well kept, he tends to try to keep his hair, teeth, and general skin hygiene appropriate, though his hair tends to be quite messy at times.

From armor and clothing standpoints. Borril tends to stray toward simple and effective. His armor sometimes ornamented, but he tends to wear simple armor that is study, without many technological improvements (with the rare exception of his helmet. When not wearing his armor, he sticks with simple Asura garb, usually a light tunic and pants.

If you were to remove his armor, there would be evidence of scarring. A fairly nasty one on his right shoulder, looking as if his entire arm at a point was nearly torn off, one on his shoulder blade, a stab wound, and one on his midsection, quite similar to the shoulder one.


A graduate of Synergetics studying Social Engineering and Chaos Magic theory, Borril is considered fairly intelligent, though his talents usually lie in magical research and diplomacy. Studying magic at the age of nearly twelve, he is well experienced in the study of Chaos and Denial Magic. As of the past year or so he has diverged from these in order to pursue more protective magics, focusing on defense and healing magics.

As of recently due to the work he has been dealing with, he has shifted more and more toward healing work, training in medical for his Krewe.


Borril tends to be for the most part polite and kind hearted, even to other races, and especially so to female Asura. Borril tends to have a somewhat flirtatious, snarking, somewhat amused personality, almost always with a smile or grin on his face and trying to make a light of a situation.

During his business or more professional works, he  tends to lean toward formality, being honest and respectful to his betters and somewhat more cautious than his usual mindset.

Alone or with friends, he tends to lean away from his more cautious persona, usually acting more like a young progeny, just wanting to have an adventure and protect those he cares about. Reckless at times to a point of considered stupidity, he tends to be most like this when he is out fighting or traveling along doing something that doesn't involve excessive research. This is also when he tends to be his most blunt, this aspect of his personality also tends to show itself when he is irritated or stressed out.

He does tend to lean at times toward the overemotional, usually very empathetic with others, but at the same time very sentitive to others.


Kipptech Mobile Laboratories: (Defunct) His first job since leaving from Priory work. It is still a Krewe he identifies with and most who know him know him from.  

Golemagical Applications (Psuedo-Defunct): Now due to Kipptechs falling out, Borril does a fair amount of work for GA.

Fox and Wolf Security (Super Defunct)

Applied Security Personnel (ASP) (Defunct):

The Cobalt Coalation: (Leader)

Hyper Chaotic Security: (Head of Medical)


Childhood/Adolescence: Borril was born and raised in Metrica Province to a kind and doting family, only wishing to have him have the best tools for dealing in the future. Or at least that is how they described their raising of Borril. Borril, a young, not exceptionally bright example of the Asura race, was, in his families eyes, to be destined to be a diplomat, a politician, an Asura in a seat of power in Rata Sum. While Borril was fairly talented at being a kind hearted and well spoken fellow. He rarely liked to socialize with others, only commonly visiting his friend Bixxie, an elderly Asura who owned a vast library of books. Borril developed a crush and what he considered his first sense of love for non-family with her. Of course, it was a childhood (He was only nine or ten at the time) crush, and doomed to failure, especially due to her death a year or so into their friendship.

Borril since then was determined to make people happy, and began to be more sociable, making friends. At the age of approximately twelve, his family noticed he had a talent for magic. Since then he studied in Denial and Chaos magic. At the age of fifteen, he was admitted into the College of Synergetics, taking studies in Magical Theory and Social Engineering. The person he apprenticed under was some politician who he worked under. During his college years, he tended to get into a fair amount of trouble, mostly with his best friend who he met in college, an Asura named Reia. Besides those points though, there isn't too much known about what happened in his college years. What is mostly known is that past his leaving the college and passing with fairly decent grades, he abandoned his family and set off to adventuring, joining the Priory as a Diplomat and typically traveled Tyria for a few years, doing work for the Priory and generally just having fun.

Adulthood: Recently, after establishing contact with Reia once again, he decided to join the Asuran Megakrewe Kipptech as a member of the Business and Retail division (Or has he tends to oh so eloquently put it, Ass Kissing and Shilling). Within the first few weeks, he was promoted to second in command of the division. Making friends and adjusting to the somewhat chaotic life as a member of Kipptech, he has gradually relaxed and is comfortable in the group, which he considers as close as he can to a new home.

During the time in Kipptech, he eventually was promoted to the head of Business and Retail, as well as meeting with other allies of the Krewe or similar people.

Since then, for a time he led Kipptech, as well as finding love in an Asura known as Ida, he currently has stepped down from Kipptech in order to pursue more personal pursuits. Kipptech shut down several months later, and he now currently resides in working for Golemagical as well as caring for his twin daughters Yetta and Terra.

Friends and Relatives


Ida <Wife>: Meeting via their company work, Borril and Ida had developed a quick and fairly solid friendship within a few days of meeting. The shy and reserved Asura consistantly getting into trouble and the consistantly protective Borril going to protect her. After some time, the two had developed from the friendship into a fairly unstable, though pleasent relationship.
While unstable, the two of them managed to get through the various hardships in their relationships, less from internal forces and more from external threats, which finally resulted in Borril proposing.
Since then, Borril and Ida are a happy and stong couple, always willing to assist each other.
He is quite prone to waxing poetic about her if he is prodded (Or rather on the intoxicated side)

Terra and Yetta <Daughters>: Borril's recent twin progeny, born on the 47th of the Zephyr, born to his wife Ida, Borril is deeply protective of the twin daughters, and tends to dote on them almost as much as he does his wife. Though they lack much beyond squirming, crying, and eating, they are quickly growing on him.


Litioch: Another friend from his work in Kipptech, Litioch has always been a bit of a stress giving, but good friend. Much more violent than Borril in most methods, though the two tend to get along on some base levels, he very much tends to chat with her when she is about.
Quite recently due to her own losses, he hasn't seen much of her.
Ooja: One of Borrils allies from Golemagical, a violent and rather boisterous Asura. Borril tends to find a strong fondness for the Asura, her mindset tending to remind him of other of his friends. Usually enjoying banter or conversation with her when about, even the occasional combat event.

Reia: One of Borrils oldest friends in terms of length of friendships, Borril and Reia were both Synergetics Alumni and Priory researchers. The two of them tend to have a quite abrasive relationship, while Borril rarely sees the woman, whenever about, the two of them tend to get into arguments or sniping of insults. A strong friendship tends to be there though that is quite evident when seen.

Blikke: Not as close a friend as many, another member of Golemagical that Borril consistently speaks with. Usually known for having long and detailed scientific discussions, Borril and Blikke probably have the most traditional Asura style friendship, almost completely cerebral.

Yimyeta: Met via his friendship with Ida, Borril and Yimyeta tend to be an interesting pair. Having a fair amount of personal history between the two regarding their work and knowing many similar people, they tend to run into each other a fair amount.

Yimyeta to Borril is almost an extended member of his family at this point, usually a travelling, fighting, and drinking friend or ally, and occasionally even the mentor or guide, Borril values the friendship between the two very dearly, and is probably one of the friends he has that he intrinsically trusts.

Nighlla:' 'The former wife to a friend Aestetics, Borril has not seen a large amount of the Asura known as Nighlla. When she does though, he enjoys speaking with her greatly for her intelligence and biting attitude, which he tends to find quite endearing.
Felix Hexstone: One of Borrils friends from Kipptech, a somewhat insane, but fun and facinating Charr who he occasionally works with, he finds the fellow always a laugh and fun to be around.

Boreas Strathorne:  One of the newer people Borril has made friends with through his work in Fox and Wolf. A powerful and at times enigmatic human, Borril has considered him a good man, and quite interested in his magical studies. 

Sarah Baneth: Another friend from his work in Fox and Wolf, a Human Noble that he tends to associate with on a more casual basis. More than likely one of the few Ministry members that he has spoken with that he has found to be very friendly toward, or at least isn't questioning the mindset of humanity at times.