Tapp by Twili Z

Tapp is an Inquest Agent, but she is hardly a stereotypical Inquest.

She specializes in blood magic, metal working, bone manipulation, torture and close quarters combat. She also really enjoys working with explosives and seeing explosives, and combat is a thrill to her.





Despite the in-game models, Tapp stands only at 1'6" (18 inches). Pipsqueak is a common name people have given to Tapp as a result of this, but she doesn't care. Tapp sees it as more of an opportunity than anything because she can hide in places others can't when trying to spy or evade Peacemakers.

She has dark red hair, donut skin and dark chocolate spot markings. Her eyes are red with black irises and her ears are ripped apart.

Like a typical Inquest, Tapp dresses in black and red outfits. The outfits change often, but she has learned to follow the dress code "or else".

Tapp has androgynous features for the most part, including the voice. Tapp however is a female. I wanted to use a male model Asura with Tapp's design because I wanted to have a character who is hard to identify gender-wise.

Tapp wears glasses, but Tapp does not suffer from bad eye sight. The glasses she wears are the Inspecs that she's developed. Note these are not X-Ray glasses - they are glasses that allow her to quickly identify the design, load out, ammo capacity, etc. of firearms so if someone asks her to work on or upgrade their weapon, she can quickly begin working without wasting time identifying it herself.

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Tapp is hyper, friendly, and eager to befriend everyone she meets. She can be extremely clueless, dimwitted and cowardly pending on the situation. She's not very good at standing up to her superiors or anyone who is stronger or taller than her. She doesn't like to consume alcohol, she tries to stick to small groups of people instead of large crowds, and she's obsessed with finding ways to make herself useful.

Her sense of humor is sarcastic and often littered with puns. She also takes her research very seriously and can be rather upbeat about the most gruesome of sights if she views it as a research opportunity.

She is obsessed with watching people fight, hearing explosions, and being where the action is. She doesn't get involved if there's a risk of being arrested, but she loves coming to bars to watch brawls or visit war zones to join in the battle.

To put it simply: Tapp has an explosive personality.



  • Blood Magic - Used to manipulate flesh in order to heal injuries and suck the life force out of opponents.
  • Metal Working - She creates magic-infused pistols that will fire bullets based off the magic of the user. In her case, the bullets are leech bullets. They suck the stamina out of her opponents and invigorate herself in the process. Outside of magical infusions, Tapp also creates and modifies rifles, pistols, canons, etc. She's not very good with larger weapons, like the hyper laser canons used on Tequatl, but any small arms weapon is a piece of cake.
  • Bone Manipulation - Tapp can rip the bones out of someone by magically forcing the bones to move in any direction she chooses. She can quite literally rip your spine out. But she can only perform this to people she can see and people with skeletons. It does not work on Sylvari, Guardians (because of their shielding magic) and people who are hiding behind walls or using golems to hide inside of. (This magic is definitely not canon and I understand why some people might hesitate with such an idea, but that's why I made it have the weaknesses it has. This magic is used only when people agree to it in whispers).
  • Torture - With the use of her blood magic and bone manipulation, Tapp can be a terrifying torture specialist. Especially with her upbeat and high energy attitude.
  • CQC - Close Quarters Combat. Tapp shamelessly favors the dagger over any other weapon, and she's quick with them. She could rival a thief in dagger combat, though naturally she is at a disadvantage to their blinding powder and stealth.


  • Alchemy - Manipulates the properties of plants and chemicals in order to create explosives.
  • Explosives - She enjoys making bombs and hearing explosives. (This is a result of my experience in Shooter games where I always got a thrill out of using explosives. Tapp was created based off of my love for shooters).
  • Marksmanship - While she prefers to use her dagger for combat purposes and resource gathering, she can use her magipistols to take out targets from varying distances so long as she has time to concentrate.

OOC Notes

I've asked people to please void any previous RP that has been performed with Tapp. The RP that has been done, if it's important for your character, can be replaced by another character named Drakk. Drakk is just a random name I threw out there in case people need Tapp's original history due to their own character's history.