General Information:

Name: Azzrie

Birthdate: 48th of Colossus, 1284

Gender: Female

Profession: Engineer (Golemancer, Armsmith, Researcher)

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 3'6

Weight: 55 lbs

Hair: White

Skin: Deep Grey

Eyes: Dark Blue

Symbols/Markings: Five diamond marks on her forehead

In general physical appearance, Azzrie would be considered, while bordering on mid-middle age for an Asura, fairly attractive. While some wrinkles and scars mar her face, her long and shapely ears and expansive forehead

is considered her high points of looks. Her teeth, slightly yellowed, do little to detract from her looks, as well as her vibrant blue eyes that are well noted.

Azzrie is a fairly large Asura. While not excessively muscular, she does tend to be pudgy, mainly around her midsection, where she sports a small potbelly. While she is tubby, she does tend to have a decent amount of strength behind her,

Almost never seen in casual clothing, Azzrie is most commonly seen in the glowing metallic armor. Covered in technological gadgetry from head to toe, she rarely would wear anything else, usually balking if she had to wear another outfit in those situations.

When out of said armor, though, a few things could be noted, at least in casual or underclothing. Her arms, especially hands, would be severely scarred, a cross between burns and cuts it would seem. While completely functional, her hands would have been looking quite mangled and almost destroyed by something. Her claws blunt and nearly gone.


Golemancy: Designing and building golems is a talent Azzrie tended to have since childhood, being the main reason she got accepted into the College of Dynamics. Her designs tend to be, if a bit more heavy duty than golems, usually powerfully designed golems for offensive or work involving extremely explosive material. Her personal favorite golem, known as TMR-327, is a Golem inspired by some Dredge technology, designed for digging and siege warfare.

Armsmithing: Her job for the past eight or so or so years in Lions Arch, Azzrie is a fairly well skilled gun and weapon iterator. Guns and Explosives she has a skill at building and creating, but lacks the innovation that some Asura would have, she tends to enjoy to find existing models and improving upon the results, or in other cases, creating guns with customized ammo or explosives. Incendiary or Explosive, sometimes even chemical rounds, or just modifying an existing gun for better performance.

Military Skills: For a good portion of Azzries life, since at least her post-college years, she joined the Peacemakers, and post her resignation, she worked in the Vigil for several years as a mercenary. For both of those roles, she learned a fair amount of combat and military skills. Mostly though, she learned how to take orders, and take them fairly well, While not the greatest soldier, she could keep herself stable in various types of combat, as well as able to take command in minor military skirmishes.


Curt, Blunt, and quick tongued. Azzrie tends to not he the most agreeable Asura at times. A fairly sensible person, usually quite deadpan, and very dutiful in her studies, she will usually work for hours, perhaps even days without sleep in order to get her work done.

While usually quite blunt, almost rude ot others. She tends to show her softer sides when working or speaking about work she is impassioned by. She will gladly talk about inventions and her own ideas, as well as love to speak of others work. It also is suprising at times that she will actually be quite protective of her krewemates.