Basic Information

  • NameFarra
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 22
  • Birthplace: Thaumetaflux Golemics, Brisban Wildlands
  • Current Residence: Rata Sum
  • Education: College of Dynamics
  • Profession: Mesmer


  • Eyes: Large, very pale gray.
  • HairFine and white, kept chin-length in front and shorter in back.
  • Height/Build: Small even by asuran standards, and skinny to the point of scrawny awkwardness.
  • Ears: Rounded and gray at the tips, but too small to be considered conventionally attractive.
  • Skin color: Near-white, mottled with gray around her face, back, and limbs.
  • Clothing & Equipment: Plain asuran robes in Inquest red and black, standard-issue Inquest staff.


After a lifetime of being fully aware that she does not measure up to expectations, Farra is timid, withdrawn, and insecure. Her speech is hesitant and full of qualifiers, she rarely looks anyone in the eye. She prefers to remain in the background, as she associates being in the spotlight with being assessed—and ultimately found wanting. 

What Farra wants more than anything is to be accepted as a valued part of a krewe, a result of her tumultuous work history. This desire and her basic insecurity make her potentially painfully easy to manipulate—someone with an aura of command and a few sweet words could string her along indefinitely. She is quick to second-guess her own judgments and loathe to speak up against authority. 


Despite being the progeny of a pair of prominent golemancers—Revva and Quennt of Thaumetaflux Golemics—Farra demonstrated an absolute lack of aptitude in the magitechnological arts at an early age. Though they did not overtly discourage her, it was clear to Farra that her parents were distant and unable to relate to her because of this deficiency, particularly when her cousin was selected as their apprentice over her. In an effort to overcome their perceived unspoken disapproval, she entered College of Dynamics, though it was only the strength of their recommendation that allowed her acceptance. She was, of course, completely miserable there—taunted by her peers, ignored by her instructors, and unable to produce any satisfying work. Natural intelligence and a strong grasp of theory allowed her to just barely overshadow abysmal scores in practical applications and scrape through at the very bottom of her class.

Life after graduation was no better. She was rapidly foisted off from one krewe onto another, generally accepted largely due to her family connections, then constantly relegated to mundane fetch-and-carry tasks. Eventually she was accepted on her own merits into Psionogolemic Applications Krewe, a small, short-handed krewe studying the viability of long-range golem control through arcanopsychic energy, where she hoped she could truly apply her skills. Instead, she was assigned to the same tasks as before—lab cleanup, materials acquisition, basic report filing—and any contribution she tried to make was either ignored or co-opted by her krewemates without acknowledgement.

After Psionogolemic Applications unceremoniously dropped her in favor of a more skilled and desireable applicant, stating that she was only accepted to round out the krewe for funding security, Farra was at a loss. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for her, she was approached by a sweet-talking Inquest recruiter who promised her a long-term position with research and advancement opportunities within a loyal and committed community—things all her previous positions had sorely lacked. With some hesitation, Farra signed up. Based on her work history and stated desire for a research position, she was assigned into Research Unit Xeta.


Farra is selfless and protective when it comes to those she has come to consider friends—possibly out of a feeling of personal debt to them for tolerating her. Those she does not consider friends, she avoids.

  • FamilyMost of Farra's extended family work for Thaumetaflux Golemics Krewe, led by her mother Revva, in a seculded area of the Brisban Wildlands. A trip home for Farra includes enduring being entirely surrounded by golemancers and golem engineers, reminders of her failure to follow in her parents' footsteps. Despite this, she remains close with her family, particularly her cousin—now her father's apprentice—Martt.
  • Research Unit Xeta
  • 'Dim' ThimmAs a fellow mesmer, Farra feels a kinship with Thimm and has formed a tentative friendship with them. She greatly admires Thimm's skills and resilience, but worries about their lack of concern for their own well-being. Thimm's instruction has significantly developed Farra's mesmer abilities, for which she feels deeply indebted to them.
  • Disaggregator Gerik: Farra reacts to Gerik with near-pathological terror. As an arbiter of Inquest krewe conduct, he is like a personal manifestation of her fear of being judged a failure and an embarrassment.