Some of these bare-minimum facts would turn up on the senior agent, if one were to pursue gathering further information on him...



Inka is a neatly kept Asura who is not often seen outside his Eye dress uniform -- or without his mesmery-enhanced greatsword. Beyond that, he has certain distinct characteristics...

  • Eyes: Mechanical; chunky and black with pink lenses; lids that close in motion similar to camera shutter
  • Hair: Dirty blond; often slicked neatly back or slightly tousled in front
  • Height: 3'2"
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Ears: Long and pointed; tattered; darker at tips
  • Skin color: Dark grey with lighter grey splotches around eyes and torso


Inka is cold and calculating when dealing with known higher profile criminals, but is easily overtaken by passion when out of the interrogation room. He believes very strongly in Rata Sum and its future, and considers it to be his mission in life to protect it. This leads to some level of cognitive dissonance; Inka fiercely protects citizens he believes to have been wronged, and just as fiercely persecutes individuals he believes to be wrong-doers. Inka is highly introverted as well, often finding himself on the outside looking in when it comes to the society he's fought so ardently to protect. His arrogant zeal when it comes to his political position and the capabilities of the Asuran race often puts him at odds with others, even his own kind.


Inka was born to unscrupulous parents -- his mother dead at birth and his father, Sett, eventually sent to jail. Much of his early life was spent in Divinity's Reach, where he was press-ganged into aiding his father in peddling snake oil and hoodwinking unknowing bookahs with his magic shows. In his early teens he was given over to the state of Rata Sum after his father was arrested on various severe charges. Once he had received his diploma from the College of Synergetics, he was promptly inducted into the Peacemaker Academy. He kept close ties with the Inquest all the while as he ascended the ranks, believing them to be scions of the Asuran way.

In recent history, Inka experienced a drastic falling out with the shady meta-krewe after revealing an Inquest plot to abduct some of Rata Sum's foremost citizens for experimentation. This fall from grace with the Inquest, in addition to other factors, eventually prompted him to apply for a full-time position with the Arcane Eye after a few months of aimless drifting between krewes.

His work as a senior agent of the Arcane Eye and trainer of a young apprentice has been more than enough to keep his mind occupied. He also made great pains to strengthen his ties with the Inquest once more, receiving a full pardon in exchange for his services via the mysterious Inquest overseer known only as "The Source." The Source and Agent Inka worked side by side to cleanse the meta-krewe of "impurities" until the overseer's very recent demise.

Since then, very little has been known of Inka's work within the Arcane Eye. Save for a few appearances at public events and Peacemaker headquarters, the senior agent has gone oddly quiet. Only time will reveal what has been preoccupying his days as the countdown to Mordremoth's demise begins.


In addition to his still-living father, Inka has obtained several significant relationships and connections over the past year:

  • Contract Crux: Crux is an encryptologist under the employ of Inka's division. Inka has been incredibly wary of Crux, and sees him more of a necessary asset to be tolerated than a true compatriot. Recently, Inka has accidentally caused Crux to go into a coma after "deleting" a cache of memories from the other Asura's mind.
  • Geffix: Lower ranking ex-agent of Inka's. His relationship with him is shaky at best, with arguments often having erupted between the two on each other's capabilities and the role of the Inquest in Rata Sum's future. Inka currently views him with a calculating mistrust.
  • Latti: Also known as "Naat the Needler." An Inquest experiment turned street urchin with pseudo-mesmeric powers that Inka has brought in to the Eye for questioning, research, and mentoring. His only current apprentice.
  • Peacemaker Gwimm: Inka's precinct chief during his time with the Peacemakers; a figure that had a strong influence on his philosophy regarding Rata Sum's future. Was eventually murdered by an ex-Peacemaker named Lunst.
  • Peacemaker Mattis: Precinct chief that Inka often reports to, and vice versa. Acts as the bridge between P.C.R.S. and the Eye. Inka holds Mattis in absolute contempt for his lack of patriotism and constant warmongering.
  • The Source: The Inquest overseer that has become closely affiliated with Inka. Inka strongly believes that Source has the best of Rata Sum in mind, and gladly follows his edicts -- even if it sometimes leads to unscrupulous acts. He is still grappling with his feelings for this strange and remote man.

Other agents and officers are treated with varying levels of indifference and contempt.