Evil [-------+--] Good
Chaotic [-------+--] Lawful

Basic Information

  • Full name: Tezza
  • Race: Asura
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 26[1]
  • College: Statics
  • Profession: Elementalist
  • Birthplace: Soren Draa
  • Height: Taller than Average
  • Weight: Slim
  • Family: TBD

History and Timline

1302 - 1322

Born on the 42nd day of Scion in 1302, Tezza enjoyed a typical asuran childhood. At an early age, Tezza developed a keen interest in elemental magics, being most taken with the study of aeromancy.

When she demonstrated sufficient intelligence and ability to gain acceptance into one of the three colleges, Tezza choose to enter the prestigous College of Statics due to its reputation of possessing tried and true methods of understanding and mastering any subject.

1320 - 1327

For one reason or another, Tezza had never stayed with any individual krewe after college for very long. ((More to come...))


Tezza was in Lion's Arch with her krewe when the mad sylvari Scarlet sacked the the city. Luckily for Tezza, she was rescued within a day after the attack by Lionsguard forces attempting to retake their home. Tezza spent the following week traveling amongst the refugee camps searching for any signs of her fellow krewe members of Applied Meteorological Miracles. Unfortnately, Tezza learned she was the only krewe member to have survived the disasterous attack.

Roughly a month after Scarlet's defeat, Tezza decided to form her own krewe: Thaumanova Fallout Finders. The two other members are Dima (currently missing) and Talzon (currently a newt).

Past Krewes and Associatons:  Advanced Aeroengineering Devices, Cryogenic Futurics, Applied Meteorological Miracles, Thaumanova Fallout Finders (Krewe Leader)

OOC Notes

  1. Age and related dates subject to change based on release of information regarding average age of graduation from an asuran college.